Monday, September 29, 2008


Hi everyone and WELCOME! This is my new little spot! Grab your mug of warm apple cider, settle back in your comfy seat and let's get started First a little about me: My name is Michelle and i'm the designer and creative person behind MichellesCharmWorld.
I just celebrated 1000 sales in my shop today!!
Celebration Cake Jewelry!

I love big and bold jewelery that makes a statement and gets you noticed! I'm opionated and a bit witchity sometimes! haha. It's my nature and it's who I am. I'm married to the cutest guy in the world that has to also be one of the sweetest (my dad is up there on the sweet scale too, so I can't pick just one!). We have 3 amazingly sweet kids that drive me nuts daily since i'm a stay at home mom. They are 3, 2 and 1 week away from being 1! Verona, Gabriel and Roman are the sweetest candy spots in my heart that make me smile and cringe all at the same time!

My love for jewelry came about after getting tired of seeing the same thing in window after window of so called funky jewelery spots. I would buy pieces here and there, take them apart and come up with something new. It was my calling :)
Well Gotta get lunch going! have a good one everyone!
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