Sunday, October 26, 2008

Are You Ready For The Holidays?

Holiday shopping season has begun and it's time to start bringing customers into our shops! Let's show them that online shopping is what they want to do this year! No crowds, rude employees and best of all you don't have to spend 7.00 on coffee to keep you energized to go from store to store!

Have you been preparing? Promoting? Getting the word out? My newsletter went out with a special holiday savings code for everyone that gets it. I started giving free earrings with some orders and a little note that says: Don't forget your stocking stuffers! I posted new holiday themed fliers at coffee shops and sandwich places that showcase live talent. (They seem to be geared towards the artsy crowd). I've got 2 Holidays and Hot Chocolate home parties booked!

I started revamping some of my older still unsold stuff in my Etsy Shop and getting my new line in shape for my soon to be open Lollishops Store! I've sent out an email to my friends and family asking for them to support handmade artistst (not just myself) and hopefully they can purchase at least 1 item from someone! All the bills I have paid with snail mail have my business card with a discount code on them too.

It's time to start getting all our ducks in a row! Just this weekend my inboxes have been full of requests for stocking stuffers and holiday gifts! When those words come out it is time for me to get my rear in gear and get the holiday promos going! I am thinking of rethinking my packaging to fit the season a bit more too! What are you doing to prepare?


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