Friday, October 31, 2008

At The House Of Mouse- Tips for Vacationing

Mousie Goodies by MichellesCharmWorld 5.00-30.00

When I go on vacation, I'm the type of gal that likes to dress up her basic outfits with pieces that go with the vacation type of theme! It's like clothing with a purpse or something! Our next trip is to Disney World! And incase you didn't get it from my being a Disney Bride....well i'm in LOVE with Disney World! hahaha! We go every year and sometimes even twice a year!! Shh...we keep our second trip very top secret because we hear too many complaints from family members about our obsession!! The next trip is in January right now and we can't wait! I've also discovered this awesome new fan site: MickeyFanatic. Alot of good info to be found there!!

I'm a bit obsessive when I go on vacation and have even been known to bring my ENTIRE shop inventory with me to ship out while gone! I did this last on our trip to Mexico, since we were gone a long time! To Disney, since it's just a week or 2 I usually just bring my computer to stay up to date and my drill, pliers and findings so that I can make goodies while on vacation and have them ready to list when I get back!!

Another awesome thing about Disney is that we love our home away from home resort The Pop Century! We always request and are willing to wait for 1st floor near the Classic Hall in the 70s section. We always always decorate our door and window and in the window is a little window ledge that I use to put goodies found on our vacation, but I also put some of my pieces in the window on stuffed animals or statues that we bought :) On our door, I have a little magnetic cup of business cards! I have always, every single year made at least 1 sale back when I got home from my cards down there! One has become one of my best customers AND...since I was always wearing my stuff I have even sold some pieces right off my neck or around my wrist! Amazing what promoting yourself can do!
So even on vacation, remember you can still do a little something to get the word out!


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