Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesdays. Better or Worse Than Mondays?

Tea in the morning ring set by MichellesCharmWorld 12.00

I needed almost a whole pot of tea this morning. My eyes just didn't want to open and the poor kids just wanted mommy to play and play! My little alarm clock baby even slept in until 930!

I think my body knew the mountain of custom orders that awaited me in the studio today! I have work to finish up and get mailed out by friday and i'm only halfway through!
My Studio Where All The Plastic Magic Happens!

My storage table as you can see if full of insanity, all the boxes, bins and baskets on the table are custom orders I have going on. I swear my studio looks the same no matter how much work I actually get done that day! hahah!

So off I go to play, craft and maybe join the circus next?


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