Thursday, November 6, 2008

And The Winner Is...

Tea Party Necklace by MichellesCharmWorld 30.00
I was recently invited to a fancy tea party and was even required to wear a dress! I was told my prince would be escorting me and cake would be served. I open my door to find my 2 year old little guy waiting for me. He told me to close my eyes and when we arrived in the 'tea room' (playroom) I opened them and found an old sheet from the dress up trunk, being used as a table cloth (sometimes a cape, toga, picnic blanket, baby blanket) on a garage sale table (sometimes clubhouse, desk, boat, magic trick table). The top was covered with tea kettles, cups, and food. It was such a fun time playing with these kids, that I didn't want to stop! So I decided to draw names for my blog giveaway and have my little ones help me out!
All the names were written out on paper (Pink of course!), my Princess mixed them up in her little bowl with a spoon singing and chanting some weird song that she made up (maybe it was a good luck chant?) and then my Prince picked out 1 name. We opened it up and the 2 kiddies held it down since it kept folding itself back in! CONGRATS TO ALLY!!!! I will be emailing you shortly!! I wanted to hurry up and post this so you didn't feel I had forgotten, but for now i'm off to go and finish some of my tea and cookies which I have just been informed have gotten cold!
Thanks to all the commented and I will have another giveaway next month!

PLEASE HELP ME! Today is the last day for you to help me win a spot in the pre opening of Lollishops! Please click on the word Lollishop or even the photo below to look at their blog!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and voting!!! You blog is just adorable! And wow, so is your shop! Love it!

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