Thursday, November 20, 2008

Awesome New Goodies!

Do Not Bend usually means shove me into the smallest spaces you can find!

I love to read new blogs and come across interesting little windows into peoples lives! I rarely enter give-aways as my luck is awful and I love giving others a shot! Well there was one that I just had to enter because the items were so cute and guess what?! I won! Go figure! haha.

I won the giveaway on PinkAndPosh blog. It's such a bright blog, that I got hooked into reading alot there and when I came upon the contest, I entered! It was for a shop called Healthy Little Ones.

Before I entered the contest, I checked out the site and fell in love! So many things that I wished I had had when my littles were in carriers and strollers! She makes signs that say Don't Touch The Baby in the nicest ways!! I used to get so annoyed that people would touch my kids faces, hair, Legs and sometimes EVEN PICK THEM UP! Strangers!! It was just too crazy for words. I also wish I had put one of these signs on my belly while I was pregnant! haha! That would have certainly kept people at bay! They were always grabbing my belly!!

The package arrived so fast I was amazed at her prompt shipping! It was great to open up the treasure trove of prizes!! I wanted to keep them all and not give them to the kids! hahah!
Quality: Superior
Ease of Use: Perfect (kids are 2 and 3)
Packaging: Maybe a little carboard sleeve to put the goodies into once in the envelope to keep from getting to bent when the post man gets lazy and bends anyway! (not her fault my post lady is crazy though!)
Individual packaging: So cute and colorful!!
Overall: A++ communication was fabulous, shipping super fast and best of all the items are GREAT!
Everything is going to be perfect for our upcoming road trip! The kids will definately be entertained! I only regret not going ahead and buying an additional board for my son.
The Goodies:
She even threw in EXTRAS!?! and the best part? Everything came with it's own marker that needed one, so I didn't have to run out and get one to complete the sets! I'm in love! hurry up and check her out!


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