Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crafting with Kids.

Sometimes when I sit outside watching the kids play on the swings or just riding around in their barbie Jeeps and Crazy go Karts, I ask myself how on earth do I ever get anything else done? It's so hard to tear myself away and get to work. I'm afraid to miss any little significant moment. We work on a craft of the day in my studio, where I can then put them to work while I do a few of my smaller pieces or work on 1 big piece and this helps keep them organized and us all together. I try to mix the crafts up so they are not always doing the same thing and even get them to the craft store and pick out supplies. They end up with some wild things!! Then it's my job to decide what the craft will be! So far our favorites are anything to do with paint or pastels! They are already loving working with scissors and it helped teach them that the craft table WITH mommy there is the only time for scissors. The baby even gets involved. I give him a crayon or a color wonder marker and pull up his high chair. It's a nice time to spend with the creative minds of little ones. We've done Princess day where everyone makes wands or crowns and such (yes even my little boy) and we've done knights to the rescue, where we make shields and swords (and yes even my little girl). A creative way to spend time together.

I have found a great dislike for perler beads! hahah! They are a blast to work with and my kids looove wearing their new brooches, necklaces, bracelets or giving away their magnets and such. But mommy can't stand picking up those teenie tiny little beads! They are impossible! I've gotten to just vacuuming them up! It's the easy way to do it! haha! Colored glue has also helped little ones ALOT when they can realize they have already put on 2lbs of glue on that little lollipop head :).

Todays project? Turkey hands that we will send out as Happy Thanksgiving cards! yay what fun! the best part of all this? I still get work done!

Craft Time Creations by MichellesCharmWorld


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I am the exact same way---getting my kids all crafty while I get crafty.

I am amazed at how many of my girls' friends have never even used fingerpaints, watercolors, etc.

Rock on with yer crafty self!

Pnk Geeni said...

sounds wonderful

Shay said...

Great article.

Merci-Notes said...

I was just driving home and a subject on the radio brought me back to my son's days as a four year old... over whelming love, joy for him still!
I am so happy for you that you can be home with them!
Love the miniatures!
With Kindness,

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