Friday, November 14, 2008

Fridays Funky Finds

As you can tell from my creations, i'm anything but normal! I'm a tattooed formorly pierced mom of the 3! I like fun, fantastic and as Sharpay would say I just want FABULOUS! My everyday life is pretty much the same. I like stuff with a bit of edge or frill or cuteness to it. I want to start out my funky find with a shirt I got on Etsy recently. I loved the pink ribbon corset look of this! It was so pretty and eye catching that I had to have it! I had it in my favorites forever and I know it's not exactly wintery, but it arrived and I threw it on it's warm and soft and soo wonderful. I threw on my armwarmers, rain hat and was good for the day! I think I tore it out of it's package so fast that the envelope is still on the floor somewhere! Run over to MissAlphabets Shop she has the most fantastic pieces ever! I've got my eye on this next:

Summer Strawberry Sundress by MissAlphabet 68.00

Sometimes I love to spend an afternoon browsing Etsy using keywords just to see what I can find to buy next! My favorites are not crazy and full like some and not empty like others, I use them just for items I intend to buy or my husband will buy for me. I like to keep it down to the basics of what I really want and usually try to clean it out of sold items and such every other day. (Just reminded myself to do that!) Go ahead and take a peek at my favorites!These are some amazing treasures I found on my last hunt! I always laugh when I use keywords and my own items pop up! I know I am tagging correctly for someone shopping like me!!From Left to Right:

Coffee Corset by Jenngee 9.00 (I need to buy one of these soon! Perfect for putting in your purse and maing something as simple as your daily Starbucks look fabulous!

Washing Disher Neckly by MichellesCharmWorld 20.00 (This was my ode to making something as not fun as dishes a bit livlier! You know, more fantastic!)

Vintage CareBears Lunch Box from RunOntheSun 11.50 (Lunchboxes have become super fun in my life lately! I use them as purses and little diaper bags, funky, different and eye catching!)

Safety Third Grenade Shirt by SafetyThird 20.00 (This shirt has cool written all over it! For me as a mom, I love that it says safety third! We are always telling our kids to becareful!)

Check out to Etsy and check out all the goodies that they have to offer! Or run out and get all of the items here! It's always fun to have someone else do the hardwork and all you have to do it pay! if we would only get someone else to pay too, then life would truly be....FABULOUS!

The Last of fridays funky finds leaves you with a whole lotta looking you can do for the weekend!

From Left to Right:

Acrylic Star Charms from PinkyNoodles 2.25 (Perfect for the kitschy crafter!!)

Have a Seat Shoulder Bag by BlackBags 54.00 (I love everything about this bag; roomy for kid stuff, easy to clean, unisex look so husband can carry it too as a diaper bag!)

Love to Sew Charm Bracelet by MichellesCharmWorld 12.00 (Perfect gift for the sewing machine goddess!!)

Pink Lace Button Up Leg Warmers by Starlingslaw 25.00 (Totally perfect with ballet flats and a velvet black mini! Argg.. I think I need these!!)


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Such cute finds!! You have such a fun and funky style!
Smiles, Karen

Anonymous said...

Pretty clothes :)
Thanks for the add and i added you to my friend list, i hope you don´t mind :)

moxylyn said...

I love that ribbon corset top and the bag from blackbags!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Love the crochet corset looking top!! Cute!

LeelaBijou said...

Cool and cute finds! very nice selection! ^_^

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Ha! Your style is so much fun. Even your picks made me smile!

Jan said...

Great finds, and I LOVE that cute corset top! (Of course, I'm sad that I too old and chubby to wear that kind of thing! hehehe).

Like your Blog music too, BTW!

RunzwithScissors said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RunzwithScissors said...

oh dear, I just wanted to edit it, not to leave a "deleted" trail!

I had no idea you had my shirt in your blog! Yup, I can tell you've got a bit of a wicked sense of humor, since you get the concept of "safety third"! I always say. "well, it's on the list!"

and here's my son in HIS shirt.
in front of a Safety sign, of course!

Thanks for showing my shirt. I'm posting as RunzwithScissors, who's also SafetyThird. (who knew?)

MichellesCharmWorld said...

haha Thanks so much for the visit! I love your son by the sign!! I don't always tell people about their items being in the blog because of that whole fear of SPAM thing! I never know who is okay with spam and who is not! hahahaha!!!

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