Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shop Vacation?

Vintage Green Train Case from JessJamesJake 38.00
We all need time away, but let's not forget to convey that message to our customers! Todays posting is going to be short and sweet since i'm on vacation for the holiday! Sometimes, we won't have the time to answer convos in a timely manner or ship out same day when we have family over for the holidays. Let's be sure to let our customers know with an announcement in our shops! I will not be returning until very late monday night and have let my customers know that. I will still ship that night all the pacakges that were purchased up to that date, but it's still a few days away and I felt the need to let them know that. I will still be answering questions, but not until the evenings when i'm back in my room. I let them know that too. I usually answer convos within 20 minutes during the day and within 5 hours during that overnight, so I wanted to be sure to let them know I was on vacation.

Remember to treat your customers just as we want those big box stores to treat us :)


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Have a fabulous vacation, catch you Monday. Peace.

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