Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Times

WARNING ahead of time, this is a looong one!

November is usually thought of a time to give thanks, and celebrate with family for all we are thankful for. Unfortunately for me it's become a time to think about stuff that I should always be thankful for and not just in a certain month of the year! I wish it wasn't so hard remembering to give thanks. There are so many people in real life that I would love to give thanks to daily. How about you? Don't let time pass you buy and then you will be filled with regrets! Let's let Thanksgiving be a year round thing, not something just reserved for a date on a calendar.

Mainly my dad, my hero. He is the kind of parent that I hope I can be when my kids are grown and married. He's the guy that's always there with his hand out to help you out when you are down, the guy that you can chat with no matter what is on your mind and the guy that can make you laugh no matter how heavy the drama in your life is. I always remember to be thankful that I have an awesome husband at home that doesn't believe in women doing all the housework or cooking or what not and if not for the business he would be a stay at home dad in a heartbeat (or so he claims! heehee). He's the kind of husband that rubs your back at night and snuggles with you in the morning. Yes, I'm thankful for him; but sometimes I forget about the basics. The people that raised me into who I am today (pretty darn fabulous). I take those people for granted so much, because they will always be there. I never forget to tell my dad I love him, because I do, but sometimes I just want to say: Hey dad, thanks for all you do, you don't know how much it really helps! He really is my hero.

As far back as I could remember November would bring it's chilly air to the Chicagoland area and my grandmother and grandfather would be there to take us to the store and get us our yearly winter coats (my sister and I, not my whole family haha!). It was so fun and glamorous picking out a great coat to spend the winter in! So many colors and choices and it was all up to us! I miss my grandma and wish that before she passed, I had told her how much I was thankful for little moments like that. She made me feel like I was the center of her world and I'm sure it gave me the confidence that I have today. She was a great pillar in keeping my self esteem high. I wish she truly knew how much I loved her and was grateful for all she did. Now my grandfather is getting on in years and quite a busy man, so I use that as an excuse to not pick up the phone as often or not make plans for a visit. I don't want to regret all he did for me as I was growing up. He picked me up on days the bus abandoned me at school, drove me home when I didn't have it in me to wait for a late pick up. He was a grandfather that my dad has become to my kids, amazing and wonderful. I only hope that they will be thankful to him every day.
Cheer Bear Necklace by MichellesCharmWorld

We all have a silent cheerleader that doesn't make themselves too well known, maybe they don't want the credit, maybe they just know all along that you can do it and feel they don't need to tell you. For me, it's my mother. She's an amazing woman who has come head to head with me all these years. We don't mesh well personality wise in our views and standpoints, but no matter what I choose to do, I know I make her proud. She doesn't tell me, but I can see it in her eyes, her smile, her voice. When I made captain of the cheer squad, there was no party, no excitement, just a smile that seemed to say 'Well, Duh of course you did'. When I wanted to go study in Europe for college, there was never a No, it costs too much or I will miss you. She let me go and she worked hard to send me, never complaining just doing. She wasn't the type to lavish gifts on me while growing up. In fact the one time she bought me a gorgeous red coat out of the blue that I had my eye on, is a memory I carry still to this day with me. (She doesn't know it, but I still have that coat that doesn't fit and is a bit faded, it's part of a memory that I will always forget). Big ticket things are things we sometimes forget to be thankful for. (home down payments, college, trips to Europe, Disney World). She had an amazing impact on my life and I too hope upon hope that I will one day become that mother that she is to me. (Gasp! Did I just say that?! heehee). Mothers are not made to be your best friend, they are made to nurture you and make you ready for the world and she did that, she made me ready for a world that was so big I never knew it. They were strict parents and at almost 30 years old, if I still lived at home, I bet I would still have a curfew too! That discipline is what I needed and what I know I will carry on as a parent as much as I hated it!

Then there is the online world of people we don't really know, yet helped us out! I want to thank those people!

Mod Business Card Holder by MissKnits 5.00

MissKnits she was a customer on Ebay that pointed me in the direction of Etsy, without her, there would be no online world for me! She had a hand in the success I carry right now! It's been awhile since i've spoken to her, so I will take this moment to drop her a message.
MelissasMagicSpot Missy has been a friend since I met her over on the Dis Boards , she helped me when I need to sound about online problems and I hope that I have been the virtual friend to her that she has been to me!

Gumdrops Kilt Pin by MelissasMagicSpot 3.00

Lists like these can go on and on, so I better stop now before I get carried away more than I already have. I'm thankful for so much this time of year, I wish I could remember to be this thankful year round.


MichellesCharmWorld said...

Thanks for the emails today guys! I really appreciate the kind sentiments!

demandablog said...

I like this entry. :D I love this time of year, too.

shells said...

This is such a lovely post! I also think that we all need to remember to be thankful all year round - I have a weekly blog post called Things I Love Thursdays, which is my thankful/grateful etc list for all the things I love every week :)

demandablog said...

I like this entry. :D I love this time of year, too.

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