Monday, November 10, 2008

The Weekend In Photos

Friday my dad came into town to hang out with us! How cool he took the day off! Yay! So I was totally busy all day and was not able to check out who won the bete-opening spots of Lollishops. Sadly, I did not win :( That's alright though! I'm thankful to all of you that were able to help me out and get your friends to help!

A fun day at the Museum of Science and Industry with Nana and Grandpa made for some cheezy photos after a long morning getting our family portrait taken! The last thing anyone wanted to do was more smiling!
Sunday took my little one and I to see HSM3 finally and I couldn't get over how much she loved it! Me? I cried like a baby again! haha! She was up in front of her little seat and dancing and laughing. We really had a blast getting to spend some time together! Mommy and Me moments are so great when you can get them away from the others. It's pretty vital to each of the kids, so we try hard to spend special time with each of them! The boys went to an indoor playpark and had a blast too!! My little peanut had to bring a bag of popcorn back to her brother and when we got in the car with the boys, her brother had brought her some ice cream! How great that they think of each other even when they are having fun.
Now it's time to get to work!


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