Friday, November 7, 2008

Your Weekend Shopping Guide!

From Left to Right-->
1.Pink Sewing Machine Necklace by MichellesCharmWorld (Free Ship on FIRST purchase w/ code: FREESHIPSCC)
2.Birdie Pouch by RebeccaBags
3.Tinkerbell Hair Clip by PunkyNMunky (Free Gift w/ Purchase CODE:FREEGIFTSC in message to seller at checkout)
4.PolkaDot Bag by CrossBonesCollateral (10% off order w/code : snarkyteamI will refund you the money after you have paid)
5.Strawberry Whipped Cream Ring by MichellesCharmWorld
6. Teal and Black Purse by RebeccaBags
7.Karate Girl Hair Clip by PunkyNMumky
8.Aligator Hair Pins by CrossBonesCouture (10% off order w/code: SnarkyTeamI will refund money after payment)
9.Butterfly Skull clips by CrossBonesCollateral
10. Variety of Ribbon Clippies by PunkyNMunky
11. Cupcake Pouch by RebeccaBags
12.Pancakes n Butter ring by MichellesCHarmWorld

Yay! It's friday! Now it's time to shop! At least that's usually how it works out around here. I figured I would kick off the weekend with a simple little photographed gift guide.

This is the Snarky Chicago Crafters Street Team, a street team for people in Northern IL that can't quite make all the Chicago meets. We're pretty small right now as you can see! haha!

Please have a look at our shops and if you use a discount code (if there is one for that shop), just purchase like normal and then wait for a revised invoice or pay and then get your discount refunded. You write the discount code in the NOTES TO SELLER! Feel free to pass this discount on to any of your friends and make sure they let us know in the NOTES TO SELLER how they found us!

If you are interested in joining our team, PLEASE click on SNARKY CHICAGO CRAFTERS STREET TEAM and the link will take you to our group page!


SewMuchDetail said...

Oh these are great finds. Love everything!!

Shay said...

Fantastic blog.
Have a great weekend.

Mayhem said...

great guide full of cute items!

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