Friday, December 12, 2008

Are You Getting Repeat Business? AND I'm a Featured Artist!

Bacon Necklace by MichellesCharmWorld 13.00
Don't you just loooove when your customers gush about your goodies and then COME BACK for more?? How about when they send their friends back? Be sure you are getting your customers back in the door with a few little tips from moi!
1. Business cards. USE THEM! You would be surprised at the amount of packages I get with no business cards! I buy a lot (shop-a-holic) and that means I am getting 3 or 4 packages a day in the mail, I can't remember where everything is coming from!

2. Turn your business card around, see that blank spot on the back? It's begging to be used! write a discount on it, free shipping, free earrings, 5 dollars off! Something!! Remember to keep track of your discounts! Remember my post on this?

3. Send an extra card AND discount and write: FOR A FRIEND! And let them know that if a friend (different address and username) THEY also get something free!

4. Labels or Stickers. Put them on all of your packaged goodies, baggies, tissue paper, whatever you use! Make sure they see your shop name enough to remember it!

5. Shop stamp! Stamp your packages with something that has your logo on it. I've gotten 1 order (only 1, but heck it's 1 more that I wouldn't have!) from a post office employee! She knew I came in every day and knew there had to be something good in the envelopes and she said she loved my pieces I wore to the post office, so she wrote down the shop from the stamp, shopped and bought! STAMP the inside of your boxes too! I've had one sale from someone that bought something that had bought something from me and re-used the box! (Confusing I know).

6. Have a newsletter that people can sign up for and be sure to not spam them, have it come out once a month! Put pics of some of your hot items, a discount coupon and your shop news! Some highlights and what you are working on next. Offer EXCLUSIVE pieces to these people!

7. In one of your reply emails updating on their shipping let them know about your newsletter and offer a sign up sheet for them to sign up and get exclusive customer discounts!

8. EXCELLENT customer service. Acknowledge their order,let them know when you plan on shipping it out and try and leave feedback in a timely manner. Remember my post on this?

Wafer Cookie Earrings by MichellesCharmWorld on Lollishops 6.00

Don't forget to check out the Lollishops Blog this weekend! I'm the featured seller! I will let you know tomorrow in a teeny tiny post if I finally got any sales in my Candy Colored Lollishop Paradise. Remember, I have one heck of a rockin' goodie bag for anyone that purchases from my Lollishop today! Remember ALL my prices on Lollishops have shipping included in them, NO extra charges here!!


Crystal Raen said...

Wow, this is such an awesome blog, do you mind if I write a blog about it and send my readers to check it out?

Sara said...

Thanks for this! I'm new and starting up, so every little bit helps!

homemomma said...

Waffle cookie earrings? Awesome! If I had a pair, my husband would always be nibbling on my ear! Now that's an idea! :)

Fighter of the Night Man said...

Great advice! And bacon on a necklace is nothing short of brilliant.

jencoe said...

Great tips! One thing to add maybe is to spell the customers' name correctly. I received something recently from a seller who didn't bother to spell my name correctly, doesn't make me want to shop with them again. It's a small thing but important to customers. Love reading you blog!

Michelle said...

CrystalRaen please go ahead!

Thanks for the compliments everyone!!

HomeMomma, hahah that's too funny!!

Jencoe, you make such a good point! Although I am sure i'm guilty of misspelling a name or two! Yikes! I need to double check!!

sleeping poet said...

Wow, this is soooooo helpful! Thank you so much for this!

pnkgeeni said...

you always have a great topic to blog about.

sleeping poet said...

Wow, this is soooooo helpful! Thank you so much for this!

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