Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fun Mail

Buttons and Cabochons!

I had a fabulous mail day! I love getting good mail and figured I would share it with you!! I got some Awesome Awesome Etsy stuff! Candy, Cookie and Bow Cabochons from XtraStuff and some super cute buttons from PracticalRabbit. My fave is the FREE HUGS one. Read about the Free Hugs Campaign Here. I figure i'm going to try out wearing it while I do my errands and such and see if anyone notices it!

These little pretties also arrived from LayerCakeShop. I can't wait to work with them!! Shopping on Etsy is always a lot of fun, and I usually never buy the same supply from the same shop more than once. I like to spread it all around, but I have to say I came across some AWESOME customer service lately and I know of one shop where I will be back!! Please remember how important customer service is in the competitive market of online shopping. If you missed it, check out my post about it here.


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