Sunday, December 7, 2008

Have a Minute? I Challenge You!

With this one, I think the backround is competing with the bracelet
Somtimes a shop can get stale and needs a little TLC. This can happen to shops that only have a few pages and even ones like mine that have waaaay too many pages!
Take a look through the 'dusty' pages of your shop. Those ones in the waaay back. It's time to give it a little tidy up. Taka a new photo, maybe add a little something to the piece or take something away? Change up the chain? Change up some colors in it? Give 2 pieces in your shop a face lift today and let's see if that makes a difference! It's time to do a little holiday cleaning!

Conversation Heart Necklace by MichellesCharmWorld 9.00

I will add on another heart charm to this and take a clearer photo

Thanks to all the voted for me! I won the contest this month!! Yay!


Leslie said...

I*m going to use this advice! :P I voted for ya, the lego's rock!

jencoe said...

I'm so happy you won! Legos were a huge favorite in my house when my son was small. Many fun hours were spent creating together.

Pnk Geeni said...

okay, so i went and altered some of the descriptions/tags/title/photos of some of my items that only had one hit.

you are such a great blogger and business woman.

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