Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Self Promotion Is Good!

New Business Cards by Windy1824

Today is a day of shameless self promotion! I've been really lacking the views lately over on my new Lollishops site. It's still a new place, so hurry up and check it out. I've been developing my promotions process for this place and while I'm stepping it up to the same amount of time I spend promoting my Etsy shop, I am still not to where I would like to be. I figured a little bit of tooting my own horn can't help! hahaa! I will be doing a full review of my shopping, selling, and be-friending experiences on Lollishops after the holidays when I have a little time to get more done and I have given the site a fair chance to work it's magic (candy magic that is) on me. When I first started on Etsy I sold something within hours of posting it! I know it's because that was a way more established site a year ago, but it was still amazing! Maybe this is a dose of medicine in patience. I am not a very patient person at all, so let's hope it goes by fast! I'm still giving a free goodie bag of awesome sweets to the first person that buys from me on Lollishops!!!
You can see a bit of the sweets I have available in this cute new Lolli-Mini I made up:
Trinkets and Treasure by MichellesCharmWorld on Lollishops
Hot Chocolate Bracelet 15.00

My banner will stay the same in all shops as it's a sign of shop consistency. I want everything to tie together so people know it's still me. New banners are fun, but I want people to look at the banner and know they are in one of my shops!


YelliKelli said...

mThanks for the comment Michelle! I see your name everywhere! You Rock!

Chris Stone said...

fun work! and like your new business card!

gail said...

Hi Michelle,,, Thanks for stopping by. Shameless Self Promotion is an excellent idea! Work it anyway and anywhere you can! I havent had to many views at lollishops yet either, but I need to promote it ALOT more than I have been...I also keep my banner the same everywhere for that consistancy. I believe its really important part of branding your Name. So keep up the good work,,, see ya around lollishops!!! (())gail

LeelaBijou said...

Lovely new businnes cards! I´m sure your new shop will work perfectly, you have great and cute items! ^_^

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