Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Sensations!

Just a quick post before I leave for the day! I saw these and fell in love! I'm actually going to buy them today and I just had to share how cute they all were! I plan on doing something totally awesome with all the pins I buy, I just have to decide how many I want on it and when it's truly ready to be started on! Do you have any great pins to share?

Twitter button by Ainsmar 1.00

Tip of the day:
Are you getting yourself out there? Promoting on the fly? Chatting up your shop without even saying a word? I have decals on the windshield of both my vehicles, I have magnetic signs on either side of my car and I just take those and move them to whatever car I am driving that day!
Great for long roadtrips! I am also about to buy this awesome pieces I found last week on MonsterPromos! So get chatting without saying a word! Spread around that shop love!

Custom License Plate Frame by MonsterPromos 16.00


Quirks said...

makes me wish i had a car. I live in a city. Great idea tho. :)

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hi Michelle,
great blog! Thanks for all the ideas and advice on marketing.
I love you work and enthusiasm.
You are very inspiring.
Congrats on your Lollishop sales.


Michelle said...

thanks so much for visiting ladies!!

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