Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Big Sale!

This post is going to be really short, since I don't normally post on the weekends!

I mentioned I would let you all know how my featured artists spot went on the Lollishops blog!

I went from having no sales to having 3! But to be fair, I sold my gingerbread house in person to a lady that was over for a lesson. I still showed her the site, packaged it up my business card to check out everything and gave her a coupon for 5.00 off her next lollishops purchase from me!

Tip of the day:

Change up your featured items. This will give a fresh new look to your shop, to people that have already been in there before. Bring stuff from the way back to the front!

Challenge of the day:

Create a new piece to showcase today. List it, Twitter about it, Post a bulletin about it in Myspace, Facebook it in your Doing Now bar and write a note about it in Facebook. Blog about it and finally head to the Etsy forums and start a thread in promos about it, or head over to the Lollishops PUBLIC forums and do the same. YES, the thread will get buried pretty fast, but comment on other peoples items that they post and try and keep it bumped up with those comments. Tomorrow, head over here and tell me how it went! Get maximum exposure today!

MichellesCharmWorld items on Etsy

I usually try not to get too personal here, as I try hard to help others succeed in their business ventures. I have however felt attacked publicly on some forums and feel the need to defend myself. I wish people would understand that criticism is not meant to be taken to heart when it's about a shop, NOT a person. It's meant to be taken, thought about and improved if need be. It's meant as a way to help you grow. Many people DO understand this and yet there are some that think I should have my selling license (if there was such a thing!) revoked, kicked to the curb, tarred and feathered. Life isn't always going to be sunshine and gummy bears and I have come to terms with that. A little critiscism is not meant to hurt someone nor is it meant to be mean. One would think that experienced sellers would have input on things, but I guess now. It's amazing how someplace so friendly can be as mean as other places they claim are mean. Yet, it's okay for them to be mean as long as they are supportive while being mean. Hmmm..double standard? Oh well, I just everyone to know that I am online to make money. I have fun doing it, but ultimately that's why I am here. This year my earnings took us to Disney World for a week, Frankenmuth for a week, Door County for a week and Mexico for a month. This year, we plan on heading to mexico for 5 weeks, Disney world 1 week and upgrading our home. I work hard and I only want the places I sell on to be successful, why would I want them to fail? The more people buy, the more money we all make! People buy when a site is easy to navigate! Etsy and Lollishops, Dawanda, Big Cartel, 1000Markets are all home to a little corner of MichellesCharmWorld, but I don't have time to market them all. I focus on my main breadwinner which is Etsy and the next site that I felt had the most potential to really make it Lollishops. I do want all my selling venues to succeed! Good stuff comes with success! Lower fees? More fame! More money! You name it! I'm not being a Debbie Downer when I pass along information that has been given to me from my buyers, i'm just stating information. Since it's not wanted, I will keep it to myself for now and go to all the forums when I feel so high on sunshine that i'm going to burst if I can't share it with the world! So now....OFF to your challenge!


SleightGirl said...

Great blog! and thanks for the tips!

pnkgeeni said...

congrats on the sales :)

jencoe said...

Wow, you give such great tips, I can't beleive people wouldn't take your advice for improvement.

pnkgeeni said...

congrats on the sales :)

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