Thursday, December 11, 2008

Your Niche?

Room Service Cart Necklace by MCW 25.00

Have you found your niche in this wonderful crafting world? You know, who you are marketing to? Who your products are geared towards? Once you figure this out, you will have an EXCELLENT idea on where to begin advertising your products. Me? I know from experience that any kind of craft show with the word Country in it or spelled Kraft is just not for me, no matter how cheap the booth fee is. Remember selecting a craft show goes far beyond the rental fee. I know that an elementary school show is not a good idea for me, since so many people outside of my niche market have assumed my items are for children. After doing a survey at shows (visually) to see who was buying my stuff and their age range, I started sending out a survey at the bottom of my e-newsletter to find out the statistics of my average buyer. I found out what the age range was and then did my own research to find out where they typically hung out, shopped for, what trends they followed etc. This helped me 100% in finding out where to put my fliers and such out.

Hidden tip? Don't count out the retirement homes. Give them a call and see what they have goign on! They will allow you to set up a booth if you call and ask. Sometimes they already have craft shows set up and sometimes you can set a small up. I know a Party Lite Lady, Avon Lady and a handful of crafters that usually do the home party ciruit with me, so I can depend on them in a crunch! This group of people ALWAYS buys for their friends and family. I usually put a sign up of customer photos on an easel and any latest reviews on my items so that they get an idea of who buys my stuff.

Vintage Button Bracelet by MCW 40.00

Branch it out! I have several different lines that I work in, I even do Bridal Jewelry! (I know I know surprising right??) I only do this stuff in real life and sometimes if my shop is slow and my real life orders are slow, I enter into craft shows that showcase my other lines (Bridal and Buttons) or I slim down to fit into the categories offered in a craft show. (Just teddy bear and bow earrings for the Teddy Bear Convention). My main focus is MichellesCharmWorld Funky and Chunky Creations, so I always market that, and that's what is my true passion! Just know who you are selling to and you can do it so much better! Try different marketplaces too! There are soo many out there it's not just Ebay and Etsy anymore! I'm a new member of Lollishops

it's a new selling venue targeted towards the super girly! I really liked that idea and figured I would give it a try. Remember we only learn from that which we try! My review on this place comes up at the beginning of the new year!

Let me reccomend to you: CRAFT INC a book about Turning Your Creative Hobby Into a Business. I went through it with one of those highlighter post it pens! I keep it with me usually at all times in my diaper bag! It's a good reference book and great book to read more than once.


glassidentities said...

Great reading :) it is so important and makes a huge differance. I got in with some party planners who use my wine charms and some winery gift shops and it made a huge differance for me :) Find your market.. so important

Jennifer said...

Michelle, you truly have a gift with article writing! I love creating my mice, but STILL have yet to find my real niche. :( I don't know if it's harder for me because most of my images are just that...images, no real crafting to them. I was thinking of not doing the craft circuit at all, just the art show circuit, but I am having a tough time finding the shows that accept my type of work! Hmmm.....not sure what to do, lol!

pnkgeeni said...

great post.
still not really sure about my niche.

Quirks said...

awesome post. I know what you mean when people think your stuff is for kids. I had someone tell me my jewelry would make "darling favours at a little girls birthday party". I bit my tongue. I'm 20 and I wear my jewelry. :D That book looks really good, I'll have to find a copy of that.

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