Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wordless Work...

Today brings us a wordless post of photos pertaining to our work! I got bored on the computer last night, so I started playing with polymer clay! Look for new goodies to enter my shop soon!
I had this put on a small wall in my studio, it now holds items that are ready to be packaged and sent off, I love having somewhere to have things without them being in piles on my work station!

Next, check out what IndigoOrchid has on her blog!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Little Guy

Yesterday, my son turned 4! It was a busy day with a lot of running around and celebrating! I wanted to take a moment to post an ode to him. Happy Birthday Gabriel! The little boy that
makes me smile when he hugs so tight! The little boy that always brings me an ice cold bottle of water while I was recovering from surgery. I hope that yesterday and today and the rest of your life bring for you the miracles, blessings and wonderfulness that these past 4 years with you have brought me. You are a ray of sunshine in my everyday life, your imagination, brain power and complexity amaze me daily and I hope that your future is as bright as I see it for you. May you always be happy and healthy and know that you will always be loved. We named you Gabriel after an Angel of hope and we know you will make the best with what is given to you! You already do!! I love you, my little Angel! I hope you had the Happiest of Birthdays!
~Love Always,

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Readers!!!!! I'm feeling a bit better and I hope you and your loved ones are having a fantastic day!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Win From MichellesCharmWorld!

It's time for a Christmas Give-away!! This fantastic prize package can be yours just by following a couple rules!
*Go to my shop: and find your favorite item, post back here in the comments with a link to that item & write 1 thing you wished I made in my shop!

That gets you 1 entry into the contest.

*Do the above & blog about my contest with a link to this blog. (Post the blog link here)

Doing both those items gets you 2 entries to the contest.

*TWEET about my contest with a link to my blog & the other 2 things above, get you 3 entries!
(Post your twitter url herE)

GOOD LUCK!! The contest ends December 26th!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


On my way to the hospital in the morning and I had to sit in the backseat! My dad and husband took me while my mom watched the kids at home. They already started treating me like a Princess. It was nice, but I knew the worst was yet to come!!

I didn't have to wait long, since I pre-registered over the phone yesterday. Here I am getting my IV in and lo-and-behold, a miracle occurs, the nurse comes in to tell me that the Doc is running early and I will be heading in next!! That never happens!! I went in about 1 hour early!
Here they are wheeling me away! I told my husband no crazy hat shots, but my dad told him to do it, so here i am trying to look glamorous in a hair net!

Surgery was about 32 minutes and here I am all swollen and creepy! I was sooo woozy from the anesthetic, that I only wanted to sleep. That is until I realized how FREAKIN swollen my uvula was, that no matter what position I was in, I couldn't get it out of the way and it blocked my breathing. Grrr...

Record timing again! 1.5 hours later, I was signing discharge papers, I just wanted to get home!
Almost 2am and you can tell I have seen better days, I'm exhausted and still can't sleep due to the swelling. I have been taking the NASTIEST tasting medicine EVER and that's not helping at all. My fridege doesn't make ice chips, so my husband has been making them for me non stop and that's not helping either. The only thing that helps is sleeping sitting up or standing up. Just becareful! I almost fell over 2 times.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Goodybe Tonsils!

Yikes! Away I go to the hospital in hopes of being rid of these darn sore throats! Wish me well readers! I will be back in no time and posting away I hope!! That's a photo of me this morning rockin the natural look! They said no jewelry, makeup or contacts! YIKES! I got out of the shower and didn't know what to do with myself! hahaha!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Colder Winter

I sit here on a frigid Midwest Saturday, trying to finish up errands and editing photos and cleaning house. I'm in my snuggly warm leg warmers, chunky purple sweater, black leggings and thinking up my blog post. I am in the middle of a social networking series, that I was not able to finish up this week, due to a busy schedule. On Monday, I go in to have my tonsils removed and can only hope that I will at least be able to blog, since I will not be able to talk! haha!! I hope to be able to blog about shop keeping, social networking and also my tonsilectomy. Lots I have in mind, but I wanted to challenge my readers to begin to blog about their goals for 2010! I have several that I have been working on and I will share those as the time comes. I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, in case I am in too much of a drug induced haze to come back!!

Friday at my childrens' school was Pajama Day & the kids had a blast being snuggly all day!!! I went through alot to track down new pajamas for everyone for the occassion! I loved seeing all the little pre-k kids snuggly and sweet!!!
The little guy had to be in his jammies too, especially since EVERYONE was doing it!! I just happened to forget one thing.......he was not staying in school all day!!!! So I of course had to take him out and about on errands in his jammies! hahaha!!! I could have taken him home to change him, but it would have been more of a pain, since he had to keep the jammies on for the school party later in the day.

My husband had some errands to run last night for work in his truck, so we joined him and needless to say it was CRAZY cold and snowy and icy!! I was a bit scared, but at least it was nice and plowed by the time we headed back out. Wish me luck everyone! I'm a bit nervous for just how painful this surgery can be!! I will try and bring my laptop with me, just hope they don't take it away! hahaha!!!! I have to be there 2.5 hours early for the surgery on Monday, so I'm going to need something to kill time!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursdays Favorites!

Hi all! I am going to have to take a break in writing about Social Networking for a day and do our Eclectic Artisans Team blog Ring! Todays topic is our favorite Etsy Shops!

I have a TON of favorite Esty Sellers and in fact have purchased from many! I will share some hidden gems that have snuck onto my radar recently! I am going to hit 1 shop from each of the main categories! Handmade, Vintage and Supplies!From the Handmade Category, I must tell you I have FALLEN IN LOVE with Maybe You Should Die and her cards. They are witty, funny and totally original. You should definately send one of her cards if you are ever feeling snarky! I have a couple of occassions hopefully coming up that I will send these for! hahahaha!! They are just too perfect! I have a couple favorites, but you will have to see for yourself!!
Popping over to the Vintage Category, I find myself constantly oooing and aaahhing over Fancy Pants and More and her amazing selection of lingerie! Each time I peek into the shop, I find something else I totally want. If you love vintage pieces and just don't like looking through all those places yourself, this shop is the place to go!!!! Strolling into the supplies category, I find mysself drawn to the awesome photography stylings and bright, bold colors of School Locker and the amazing amount of supplies they have!! So many times I want to just buy loads and loads of stuff, but I just have no clue what I would use it for, so there it sits as a favorite shop until I figure a use for all these amazing goodies!! Peek in and you won't be disappointed, in fact, you just may buy something!!!

Enjoy reading on my Team Members blogs about their favorite Etsy shops!! Start with Indigo Orchid and work your way around the ring! Keep in mind our team members are all in different time zones, so they may not all be ready at the same time!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Social Networking Spotlight on Facebook

Hello all! The 2nd post in my series on Social Networking is on the Facebook Fan Page. Yes, I said Fan Page and not your normal Facebook Page. It's better to seperate Business and Personal life, just in case. I drop my links every now and then into my Personal Page, but that's about it. You never know when one of your 'friends' will say or do something stupid to your FB page and all your customers can see it then. On Facebook, you often have people adding you just for the heck of 'checking up on you' and who knows what will come out of their mouths! haha! You do run the same risk on a Fan Page of course, but this way it's more contained. They won't be able to find you as easy if they don't know the name of your biz.
Do you have one yet? If not, the easiest thing to do, would be to go to mine HERE, scroll to the bottom of the page and above the SHARE link, you will see a link to CREATE A PAGE FOR MY BUSINESS. Click that and you are rolling!
Now for the down and dirty, how has a Facebook Fan Page worked for my business? I only opened up a page at the request of a customer that said she lived on Facebook and wanted someplace where she could see what I was up to shop-wise & share it with her friends, without just having to spam links all the time that no one would click. It made sense, so I started the page. Because I have a personal Facebook Page, it's not always all that easy to keep up with, but I am getting better. It has led to 6 sales since I started it about 8 months ago. These sales are PURELY from the page alone. AFTER I ran an advertisement. I will go into that detail in a bit. In order to know where my sales are coming from, I assign UNIQUE codes for discounts, free gifts, etc. to EACH location I post that code to. That way I know where the sale came from. I do try and upload sneak peaks at upcoming items on my Fanpage, to get people into the shop and not just look at everything from there. I post any information posted about my shop online there to the page as well. (Treasury Features, Blog Features, etc.)
Your Advertising Dollars on Facebook....
are better spent elsewhere. Honestly, it's a HUGE HUGE audience, but how many people look at the ads? I got loads of views and not 1 sale AT ALL. I was lucky enough to run my ad, when I had the 100.00 in free advertising from American Express. With 100.00 in ads, it still resulted in a big fat 0. I then learned that many people have it link to their FAN PAGE, as opposed to their Shop, because if people don't have enough money to shop then and there and don't have an Etsy account, they most likely will NOT remember the shop name. This way, they will always see your updates and return when they have the money. I may or may not run this theory and try again if another promotion comes up. I will definately keep you all posted!!!
Any other sites you would like me to try, please let me know!! I will be discussing Twitter tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Social Networking

Awhile back, I visited Social Networking Places and let people know how to make them work for you. I will be redoing this series and welcome any new places that you want me to check out. Please post these places in the comments. I will be discussing how these places have worked for me in the past year.

There are always places you MUST be online popping up ALL THE TIME! When I first started here, it was FLICKR that was the be all end all to online advertising. What many people didn't tell you when toting this site, was to stay AWAY from:
*Posting your shop link ANYWHERE on the photo, tags, description.
*Having your Flickr Page be ALL about the items you sell.
and that you had to:
*Join groups
*Comment on other photos
*Send your photos to appropriate group pools
*Have your shop link in your profile
*Have a vibrant proile that isn't too plain

In order to make it work well for you. If you can play by their rules and dedicate about 10 minutes each day on commenting on other photos, making at least 6 new contacts each day and uploading at least 1 photo each day, Flickr could work very well for you.

When I upload a photo, I upload 2. I make sure 1 is something personal going on that day and the other is a work item shot. This way I'm keeping it balanced.
My Outcome with Flickr:
I have been on this site for over 2 years now and I truly love the amazing work I see in photos and have joined some great groups. Is this the answer to hundreds of sales? No. It's a great place to socialize and share what you do with other people doing the same. It has probably net 10-12 sales for me throughout those 2 years. This is NOT BAD at all! This is also why I suggest you spend no more than 10 minutes a day on it, if that's the only reason you are there. I began with that mentality and then found I enjoyed popping in on several photopools. I loved seeing peoples kitchens, what they ate, what people became addicting! haha! Before I knew it I was commenting a lot and not uploading for months at a time. It really depends on what you want out of it. I take it with a grain of salt when it comes to getting Sales from the site, and maybe that's how you should approach it. Any questions? Ask Away!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Quick Note!

Just a quick note to all my fans that the December Newsletter from MichellesCharmWorld has gone out and there are some SPECTACULAR deals in there!!! Don't forget to sign up so that you can get next months letter! Next months letter will have an advance viewing and chance to reserve new items that will be arriving in the shop. It will also give out information on when I will be listing new items, have a great READER ONLY sale & last but not least will give out a 10.00 Gift Certificate to ONE lucky reader!!! Yay! Yay! Yay! Sign up today and don't be late to the party!

Getting Stuff Done!

I was reading a favorite blog of mine early this morning and I commented that a messy desk is a sign of hard work going on. I really believe this is true. I am compulsive about keeping my work station clean, but sometimes I just get under the thumb of too many tasks and ideas flowing at one time and I just can't get ahead of the mess! I was in the middle of 2 wholesale orders and the Christmas rush in my shop and in person. I couldn't believe how much I had to do, then before I knew it I was surrounded by disaster! I was trying to do it all at once and at the same time when an idea would pop into my head, I was trying to execute that as well. Everything truly does have a place, but this entire past month has just been a whirlwind! Don't get yourself down when you find yourself surrounded by chaos, just remember that it means you are working hard!

I would like to take a quick moment to thank my friend Beckie at BirkzWorks for the AMAZING work she did on one of my Christmas presents to my Mother. They are truly wonderful and I know she will love them!!!!! check out her shop for more amazing work by a super talented and sweet woman!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Sunday Readers!! Hope you all are doing well! I wanted to thank you all for the uplifting words from my last post! I truly appreciate it! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all the people that really don't see being a mother as a career. Don't see that selling stuff online is a career, because it's online. It has no bearing where you sell, it's the fact that you do it & that you have the courage to do it and put yourself out there. It also has to do with the simple fact that doing it online, helps me still be able to stay at home with my children. Life will always have it's ups and downs and that is why we have our friends to bring us up when we are down. I hope you all enjoy your weekend and have a wonderful upcoming Holiday! Can you believe how close we are to Christmas?!?!
I had to run to Toys R Us last night and pick up some last minute goodies and lo and behold, what do I arrive to? A snowman!! The kids got really into it after seeing the first one and I had an idea for another one! hahaha!!!
This is the Daddy Snowman pulling a cart with the Baby Snowman, you can't really see his arms, but the Daddy Snow man does have some! haha! I fell into the snow trying to bend the branches off the tree! heehee!!! This was also after his hat had blown away! The Snowman kit on the Daddy is all plastic pieces from Hallmark you get it free from purchasing 3 cards I believe it was.
Share a link to your blog where you chat about the weekend!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Before I was Just a Mom....

I was listening to a song early in the morning (around 3am) and it really got me thinking. I'm sure many people that know me, don't truly 'know' me. Aside from my husband and parents, do people really understand that there is more to me than 'Just a Mom'? This song always bring tears to my eyes and always sets me thinking about my 'Moments'. The song is Moments by Emerson Drive. I have it on my playlist all the way down at the bottom of my blog there.

The song always puts me back in time remembering that I was not always who I am right now. I am not just the boring 'mom' when I get together with old friends. I sit and read on Facebook and Twitter and all those other types of sites about old friends I used to know and former roommates and the like and my life always seems to just be dull when I post my updates. I know they just gloss me over because there are no drunken tales to tell, no exciting vacations to locales unknown anymore! It's just Disney World, The Dells, Monuments and places the kids can learn from.
Artwork by my Daughter, Autumn, Age 8

 I know when I meet my husbands co workers, they just see right through me, since I am 'just a mom' with no career. When I meet new people, they see the lady with 3 kids and nothing else. I want them to see I truly love my life, that what is boring to them, is wonderful, warming, excellent and a dream to me. Not only that though, I want them to see that I too had my moments.

Did they know, that I have Traveled the World? Studied Abroad? Went to College? Did they know, that articles I wrote had been Published? My jewelry has been published in Magazines, Style Blogs and is sold in actual stores worldwide? Did they know that I speak 2 Languages fluently and can stumble through Japanese and French as well? Did they ever take the time to learn that the very minute I walked into a room at a party 9 years ago, I fell in love at First Sight, a feeling I had never felt before, to a man that has made me feel more whole than anything I had ever done before? Did they know, that the night I came home from meeting my husband for the very first time, my father met me at the door and I said to him: 'Today, I just met the guy I am going to marry?' Did they know, that I cam capable of carrying on a conversation on Politics, Religion, the Economy and anything else that they want to talk about. Before I even get the chance to begin speaking, they hear 3 kids and stay at home mom and their ears may as well have been turned off.

Didn't they know that just because I am choosing to raise my 3 kids at home and be there for them, that I can be smart too? That I can be someone too? That I am Someone? Yes, I've had my Moments, but you know what? These are my Days in The Sun. When my baby looks at me with his big brown eyes and says 'LOVE YOU'. When my oldest gets out of school and runs to me and gives me the biggest hug and says 'I missed you'. When my little boy wakes up every morning and comes right up to me and says 'Good Morning Mommy, I slept good.' When our family sits together at dinner every night and we say what we are thankful for and what made us happy that day. Those are boring and not-so-glossy to many, but to me? Those are my Moments. Those are my times to shine. When I see how well they are growing up, how happy and healthy they are, I know I'm doing something right. If they can't see, at least I know it...

(Emerson Drive)

As a blogger I have worn many hats and this blog has evolved so much from that. It started as a promotional blog for my jewelry shop, gave way to a crafty blog and then made room for a parenting blog as all of my children were born and I was asked for advice. It slowly became a parent of school age blog and has now rested as a homeschooling blog. I hope to resurrect my jewelry shop soon enough and then that too will join a bit here. I'm exhausted listing it all but at the same time, I am thrilled living it!

Have You Added Me Yet?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Gingerbread Houses and Weekend Shopping!

Yay for Fridays! Last night we spent the evening making Gingerbread Houses at the school my 2 oldest go to! My husband and I took the 3 kids for 2 hours of sugar coated fun!! Each kid got to make their own home and I think I had more fun than the children! haha! I kept sneaking in trying to do my youngests house and he kept telling me 'MINE!' I really love that the school does things like that to involve families after hours. What did you spend doing last night?
I have listed some new items in the shop and I will be listing even more throughout the day, so stay tuned! I wanted to share a tip with you for the weekend. We all seem to get busier on the weekends right? Kids are out of school, husband has the time off, time to run errands, see family etc. etc. etc. I know my shop gets MAJORLY neglected and I tend to renew old listings once or twice each day IF that. It really slows traffic if not brings it to a STOP. I then have to spend the rest of the week trying to rebuild my customer base, that I seem to just get drained by Friday. New items are what get people in the shop and get the buyers buying! I know it's virtually impossible to get any time on a saturday to type up a description and come up with 14 tags, but I figured a way to make it super easy! Do up a few new listings when you have spare time during the week. Make sure they are NEW items that you are saving for the weekend. Do the ENTIRE listing process but DO NOT click on the FINISH button on the last step! When you get to that last step copy and paste the URL (www link) into a notepad or word document page. Somewhere you won't forget it! Then on the wekeends when you want to perk up your shop, find the link, copy and paste it in and you are all set! Click Finish and you just listed a NEW item in less time than it would take to search, find and renew an old listing!! Try it this weekend if you get a chance!!

Are you a Fan of mine on Facebook Yet? Come on and join up and get access to Free Items, Codes for Discounts and so much more!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Favorites in Crafting

Morning All! I hope you enjoyed yesterdays posts on Making the most of your Treasury Feature and Spending money to Make money, an insight on listing often. Life has been getting hectic, but I am trying hard to stay on top of things with a new schedule and will try and do more SHOP posts! I will also mix some life posts in there as well! I'm sure by now you have noticed, but I have gone with the 3 column blog look and will be putting YOUR SHOP ads on the left side bar! It's a 5.00 one time fee through PAYPAL and the Ad will stay up forever! If you just want to test out 1 month, it's 2.00, just use the subject title ADS in the PAYPAL payment to A Quick UPDATE about yesterdays Treasury Post, one of the items in the Treasury SOLD (Gingerbread Brooch) WITH the code, so it really does work.
Seeing as how it's Thursday, it's time to get back to Blog Ring Thursday from the Eclectic Artisans Team. We are an Active Street Team that strive to not only promote ourselves, but each other as well! This week are blogging about Our favorite Colors to Work With & stepping out of our comfort zone of colors for crafting. I posted my photo above from my shop.
It's quite obvious in all I do that my favorite colos is forever PINK . I obviously don't hide that fact and you can definately see it in ALOT of my work. It's difficult to NOT put something pink in everything I do, so sometimes I have to actually hide my big drawers of pink beads, charms, bits and baubles to churn something out without any shade of pink at all. I tremble, I shiver, I shake and I am tempted to add at least a little pink bead at the end, but I force myself to 'man up' and leave it be! haha!! Once I started doing other colors and other things besides necklaces, my shop started to open and up and have a real vibe to it. It was open to people of different types now! Lolitas, Emo kids, Serious Adults, Kids at heart and the like. Except in one place, for the longest time I knew I would stay away from any shades of gold at all! I HATE browns, oranges and GOLD! YIKES! NO! I'm the Platinum wedding ring, Silver jewelry only type of gal, but I decided it was time. I was excluding customers that only wore those shades and now it was time to be brave and put myself out there...What happened?? More Customers! More Sales! And now I'm guilty of sitting here typing this while wearing a pair of tiny gold hoop studs in my ear that I asked my husband to bu me when we saw them in the jewelry store! So go ahead and take that leap! Try something new! You never know, it could lead you to be the Next Best Thing!
Join the rest of our Team Members in the Blog Ring by proceeding on to IndigoOrchids blog (
Here are the rest of the members participating! As we are all in different time zones, please allow them time to get theirs up and running as well!

BeautifulSchlopp ( )
DivaDea ( )
PnkGeeni (
HairBowsWonderWorld ( ) MCW (
IndigoOrchid (


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Treasury Features! Make it Work for You!

Today I was lucky enough to be featured in a Treasury! My Gingerbread House Brooch from MichellesCharmWorld and my Peppermint Candy Necklace from the EclecticArtisansTeam shop. A way I like to make it work for me is to enhance the exposure a treasury I am featured in gets. I like to Tweet about it on Twitter, post something about the treasury on my blog, comment in the treasury itself with a link to my blog (gets more traffic here too!). I like to post a photo of the treasury to the Eclectic Artisans Team Flickr Page. I also like to go to my Facebook Fan Page and post about the treasury and offer some kind of discount, free gift or code for something! I also try and post a thread in the Etsy forums in order to get clicks and comments. I make it an exchange of sorts. You click and comment on my treasury and I will do the same for you! Finally I put a link and a little blurb about clicking and commenting in my NOTE TO BUYERS transaction notice & Annoucement section. This way it gets the attention of anyone that buys something or pops into my shop! It really seems like alot to do, but if you have the links to everything bookmarked, you can get it all done within 30 minutes! I try to do it all at once, but on busy days I have to do it one at a time. It really does help to bring in traffic to the Treasury (Raising your chances of the TReasury making the Front Page) and into your shop!

Stop into my Shop today and purchase either the Peppermint Candy Stick Necklace OR the Gingerbread House Brooch and get a free Peppermint Swirl Ring with your purchase! Just use the code: Treasury Free and I will include a ring in your order!!

UPDATE: The Gingerbread House Brooch Sold last night!

Spending Money to Make Money...

I have found recently that my bill with Etsy is on the high side, but you know what else I am noticing? My sales are going up too! It's true, you really do have to spend money to make money. I am nearing 300 items in my shop and yesterday I spent 1.20 in listing NEW items and I sold 10 items! Today I have spent 3.20 and sold 4 items and received a large wholesale order. I know that spending upwards of 3.00 a day can get tiresome and spendy for some, but try something smaller. Try doing 1.00 a day (5 listings) for AT LEAST 2 weeks. YOu will be amazed at the results. Remember, there need to be some NEW items in there too. I did a study where I just renewed OLD items and the success rate was VERY LOW. I take the weekends off from listing and usually just renew 1 or 2 items a day. In the months of October & November I also tested another theory.
In this study, I focused on pure renewals, as my time was tight and I did not have much free time to create. I would spend the entire day renewing ONLY 2 items throughout the day. (Usually each item was renewed 3 times). I did this only 3 times a week and on the other days just renewed items randomly. EACH AND EVERY TIME I did this, I sold 1 of the renewed items. I renewed 1 lower priced item (5-10.00) and 1 pricier item (15-40.00). You shouldn't have to worry about spending .60 to renew a 5.00 item, because renewals should be built into your advertising budget and the fees should come out of there as opposed to your profit margin.
I also pad the price of each item I make to cover 2-3 renewals as well. I keep track of each item I have listed in shop AND the dates of renewals. Now I know when an item sell with only 1 renewal or none, that I have a few extra renewals I can spread around :) It sounds more complicated than it really is! Hope this helps you guys!!!

Sharing my Favorites

Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments and emails about the tonsils! I'm getting so nervous! haha! Today I wanted to share some of my favorites with you! I am hoping to buy 2 of them tomorrow if my sales go well! Please check out these awesome shops and enjoy all they have to offer! (Just don't enjoy my faves! haahhaa!!!) I have so many plans for these favorites, I only hope they will last! I'm a HUGE Glee fan (Show on fox!), so I want to buy those pinback buttons and put them all over my laptop bag!!! I'm the team leader of the Eclectic Artisans Team on Etsy
and we recently opened up a team shop where a few fabulous members have donated items, I fell in love with the collaboration a bunch of us have going on where we donated items and put together a grab bag and now I have to have one! haha! I also have been looking for some new designs for my stickers and such, so I figured I would try out the templates from SimplyBanners and see how that works out for me! The less time I spend at the computer the better, so templates could be the way to go! I have also been on a huge lifestyle overhaul and I have been eating better, exercising and losing weight. Those last 2 are gifts to myself when I make it to my goal weight, which I am hoping to make by my 30th birthday in March!
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