Monday, January 12, 2009

Free Earrings!

Sooo.....would you like a pair of pretty in pink earrings from MichellesCharmWorld? A perfect pair of hearts for your ears?! These little hearts dangle from a silver dome post and would complement any outfit! Perfect for the upcoming holiday too! So would you like these earrings for free? Just fill out this survey, by HIGHLIGHTING, COPYING and PASTING it into your email window and after filling out each question, adding your mailing address and then sending it to me at . Only emails will be accepted and only surveys that have been ENTIRELY filled out will get the free pair of earrings sent to them. Use the subject title: SURVEY

Please be honest with your feedback :)

1. Male or Female
2. Age
3. Have you visted MichellesCharmWorld on Etsy before ( ? If yes, please let me know what your thoughts on the shop are.
4. If not please visit now and let me know what your thoughts were?
5. Have you purchased from me before?
6. If no, what is keeping you from purchasing?
7. Have you stopped into my new Lollishops shop yet? (Http://
8. Please visit my Lollishops shop and let me know why you would or would not purchase from the shop.
9. How did you find my blog?
10. Any other comments are much appreciated!

Thank you so much! I hope you have a great day!


zUzU said...

=^..^= Fantastic Michelle! -zu

Southern Belle said...

You've received an award. Check my blog!

kim* said...

very pretty

Breana said...

Thanks for my earrings! They were amazing and I get so many compliments on them!

zUzU said...

=^..^= Fantastic Michelle! -zu

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