Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Promoting Yourself....

Morning everyone! It's time to make sure you are promoting yourself to the heavens! are you getting that word out everywhere? I always make sure I have a kit with me every single time I leave the house! It's a mini promo kit.

My Promo Kit

I am putting this photo on Flickr too, so that I can point out things in the notes. I keep it pretty compact and switch out the jewelry samples often. I have a code book/idea book so that I can keep track of the codes I give out to people that ask for my business codes. The tacks are for putting up my business cards wherever I go. It's a great way to promo on the go. I was at Potbelly subs last week and I noticed that my cards were gone, so I put up some more that I had and then added others that I had on me. I also noticed that another Etsy sellers cards were gone too (she lives in Rockford too), so I convoed her when I got home and let her know. I basically put them up wherever possible.

I was part of this business card and flier swap on Etsy once where we all swapped a certain amount of business cards and or fliers, post cards what not and then each person had to go out and paper their city with the fliers they got. Photos were required so that everyone could be sure it was done. I am planning on starting something like this again in hopes of spreading the word out of other awesome artists! So go on, get out there!


Crystal Raen said...

What a great idea, maybe once things get calmed down in my world and I open up my etsy shop again I will use some of these ideas. Thanks.

Also I gave u an award on my blog.

jeni@pnkgeeni said...

Wonderful ideas.
The business card etc swap is a fantastic idea!

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