Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quick Saturday Tip!

I'm off shopping on Etsy and Lollishops today, and I am noticing some things (other than the face that I need to stop shopping). Close-up photos are an AWESOME way to show detail, but you then need a descriptive title. PLEASE tell me that it's a necklace, earrings, bracelet or what-not. I don't want to guess and most likely won't click if I can't tell what it is. Remember in photos bracelets can also be mistaken for necklaces. I always put what it is in the subject title. When doing a search, people will look at the page as shown above there. They will not always click on something that catches their eye if they have to guess. Descriptions are the last thing I do when shopping. First I look to see if it's eye catching, then I read the title, then I look at the price and then I click to enter the shop.

MichellesCharmWorld on Lollishops

I always shop using the Search Bar, it's the easiest way for me to be specific and see the most of what I am looking for. I love to bake, so i'm looking for a baking necklace maybe. I pull of a page of listings and begin to browse:

On this page, I first look at the photos (yay, check out my 2 items at the bottom! haha!). 3 catch my eye right off the bat, so I focus on those. (the other 2 were too dark and well then there are my 2). They all say Necklace and 2 even give the length. My click will go the the Cupcake Baking Necklace, since it is in essance what I was really looking for. So, are your titles detailed enough, without being crazy-Ebay titles? I automatically surpass anything that has more that 7 words in it. Too wordy is not a good thing :) Have a great weekend!

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