Friday, January 9, 2009

Word for the Year...

I was browsing the Lollishops Guild (a private forums for vendors) and I came across a thread by Jill of Bailiwick Designs. It was all about choosing a word to set the tone for the year. I thought this was a great idea and went and thought about it. I chose the word Patience. I am a very impatient person, think 3 year old pouting and demanding. The sad thing is, is that it always works. I was an incredibly spoiled child and only grew up to be a spoiled adult hahha! I would be lying if I said my father didn't still spoil me. I was also lucky enough to marry a man that spoils me a bit too much too. I feel sorry for the man our daughter marries! hahaha! So I have decided to really try and work this out. I found some charms with the word PATIENCE on them and I made them into a Purse charm and a cell charm. When I move to my new studio, I am hoping to put the word on the wall. I not only want to learn patience in business (my lack of views and sales on Lollishops is a big one for me). I also have 3 children and trying to juggle this business and being the perfect stay at home mom is difficult sometimes. I need to be patient and realize that having it all is not always important. So what is your word?
Here is the direct line from the thread:
Every year I choose a word to use as an inspiration
and encouragement to myself. I'll even print it out
and put it up all around my studio (and the bathroom
mirror too!) to remind me. Last year my word was
"focus"; this year it's
"grow". For one thing, I want my business to grow.


sassypackrat said...

I love this idea! My word will be "Re-invent" which is perfect for dealing with the CPSIA drama.
Thanks for blogging about this!

BailiwickDesigns said...

Thanks for the link! I wish you success in your quest for patience. That's often a hard one for mothers - and for new shop owners, too (I'm with you there!).

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi there, I want to thank you for coming over to visit. It's alway pleasant meeting new bloggers. You have alot of cute things. And I do hope your business takes off..

Quirks said...

Great idea, I think my word will be Journey. 2009 is going to be full of change for me and hopefully my shop will get on its feet as well.

Good luck with your patience :D

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