Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Monday....

So it's monday and i'm saddled with an upset stomach and 2 kids with runny's been a lazy weekend and i'm sorry about the lack of blogging going on here lately! It's been busy getting into the height of craft show season coming up! I can't believe how fast Spring is approaching!

I wanted to be sure to remind you to change up your featured items today and select 2 items from your shop that need to be rephotographed! It will be a great way to bring some life into your shop! Have you thought about changing up your backrounds?? I have an idea in head that I will try and work out this week sometime and see if I like how it turns out!
I have also been featured in a treasury today! It's so pretty and bright! Thanks so much to MonarchDancer for the feature! Please stop by and click and comment on the treasury!


jeni@pnkgeeni said...

thanks for the reminder to change the featured items.

really hope you and your kids get better soon.

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