Friday, February 6, 2009

A Customer Service Reminder...

Good morning everyone! Gahhh! I'm sorry I just disappeared yesterday! I needed a little me time! I spent the day with my father and had a wonderful time! I spent virtually no time on the computer and lo and behold 5 sales! I was also able to create some new pieces while the kids spent time with grandpa!

A Bit Chatty Necklace by MCW 14.00

Have you ever called a customer service number only to be put on hold for what seemed like DAYS? It's quite annoying isn't it? Think of our convo system as our little customer service number! We need to respond in a timely manner. I KNOW that it's hard to respond rapidly, heck some days I don't even get on the computer until really late at night, but it's our job. Maybe put in your announcement how long it takes for you to reply to convos and if they have not heard from you to try messaging you again. If you will not be answering all day, go ahead and put that up there. When i'm gone for the day, I mention that. When I am keeping business hours, I mention that. When I am on vacation, I mention that. Keep your customers informed. I like to also mention my AOL instant messenger name and I keep that updated when I go out for the day too. I will also be adding on my email address today too since i've heard sometimes convos don't get to where they are going. It's good to keep everyone informed! I can't stand walking into a store and the only clerk working is in the backroom chatting away on the phone. It's not fun to have to wait, but if there were a sign that said 5 minutes, then I would understand! Let's try and run our businesses more efficiently! Have a great weekend everyone!


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