Thursday, February 12, 2009

Win It! Win It! Win It!

It's your chance to win a gift certificate to my shop!!! How would you like to win 10.00 to spend on anything in store? Alright well this is your chance! I will be picking the winner MONDAY MORNING and will post it in Mondays Reminder Post!

How To Win:

Head over to MY SHOP and pick your favorite item from there.

Come back here and post the link in the COMMENTS section of THIS POST only.

ALSO let me know what you wish you could find in my shop.

Those 2 things will get you ONE (1) entry into the contest.

You can get another entry if you post about my giveaway on your blog, just do the above things and then also add the link to your blog here so I can see it.

Additional entries will be given to you for each item you purchase from my shop.
Just do the first 2 and then post a link to the item you bought here in the comments section! ENJOY!
*the fun stuff*
Gift Certificate can be used ONLY at
Gift Certificate is non-refundable and has NO cash value
Gift Certificate expires on March 15th
You will NOT receive change from any unsed portion of the certificate.
Gift Certificate can only be used once
Gift Certificate CAN be applied towards shipping
If you buy something over 10.00 I will just sent you a revised invoice or refund your payment.

My street team has a mini gift guide up! Go take a look! That's my Ice Cream Sundae Ring in the center!!


Chigirl said...

Yay! Cool contest, thanks for being so generous! It was hard to pick just one favorite, but this little guy is just adorable!

I wish you had more purse charms, especially Barbie related ones. (Forgive me, I'm a Barbie addict!)

jeni@pnkgeeni said...

I know just what to pick as a favourite! I just need to find it!

I shouldn't have started looking. I found this too:

I wish I could find some earring studs, they all seem to be dangly.

pinkpatrice said...

I like the Vintage Kitchen Shelf Brooch. So cute!

I would like to see....... ummm... maybe some more barrettes like the mini marshmallow one.

pinkpatrice at gmail cot com

Anonymous said...

I love the banana cream pie earrings! Adorable.

I would like to see more broaches -- a girl can never have too many. I wear broaches more than any other item of jewelry.

Gray said...

My favorite item is the pink flamingo lawn ornament necklace!

I would love to see more little animals like that guy -- I especially love deer, but it's hard to find simple deer necklaces that aren't all blinged out, or super expensive (or just not cute enough -- haha).

Leah said...

this is my favourite I would love to see some more vintage button creations in your shop. I love vintage buttons!

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