Friday, March 27, 2009

How to Throw away 150.00

So we went to Disney World last year and had a blast! We went the original intention of purchasing these really neat strollers we had seen the previous year. They were umbrella strollers that reclined! We had yet to see something that lightweight with the recline feature. PERFECT, we figured for evenings at the parks! We only ended up using them a couple of times since the kids wanted to actually walk! On our next trip to Mexico, we only brought one for our 9 month old. As he was sitting in it being pushed down the sidewalk (not curb, not potholed street, not speed bumps) the seat suddenly became loose and our son was hanging out the side as though it were a HAMMOCK! My husband was able to put his hands on the underside while I got the baby out, but the stroller was DONE! Look at just how the bar just broke?! The hardware popped out, nowhere to be seen! Not only were we on vacation, we were on our FIRST day of vacation! So on that trip we had to buy another stroller. Oh well these things happen, and we had the other one still at home. Husband figured he would save this one and see if it was fixable. (not at all now that he tried! haa)
We are strolling the mall now several months later with our now 1 yr old, he's in the non-broken stroller and suddenly he is hammocked AGAIN!?!? I mean it happened in the EXACT SAME SPOT! look at the strollers side by side! This cheap piece of junk broke in the exact same spot on 2 different strollers! They claim it holds 35lbs and my son now at 1yr old is not even close to 30lbs, at 9 months old he was even smaller. So what is the problem with these? I have sent notices to Disney World in hopes that they will check into these strollers a bit more and my next letter is to Kolcraft directly. What a poorly designed stroller that started out with a great concept. Stay away from the kolcraft brand if you actually want your child safe in a stroller!
Now if you want to move on and talk about a FABULOUS stroller, we replaced CHEAP with functional, Chic and AWESOME all for a decent price! We fell in love with the sleek look of the Mia Moda Cielo stroller, I will be posting the photos of our son in this stroller soon, but let me tell you it's a HUGE difference. Retails for just under 180.00 and it's AWESOME! The look has people turning their heads and the ease of use ixs amazing! It just glides! The storage? OMG! It's TINY when folded! it's the size of a large beach bag! In fact, I bet it would fit in one! I will have to try it out! I will share photos in my next post!


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