Friday, March 6, 2009

Random Thoughts...

So being all business all the time is taking it's toll on me, i'm running out of things to write about and often times neglecting my little blog, because I just don't know what to say! So here I sit at almost 2am thinking awww forgetaboutit! I'm going to just write about business when I have a topic and otherwise just post whatever I feel like chatting about at the moment!

Todays post is going to be 20 Random Things About Me....if you are lacking things to blog about today, I encourage you to pass this post on...only make it about yourself ;)

1> I love the color Pink.
2> I spent 50.00 at the resort gift shop on books.
3> Disney World is really my happy place
4> I think I need to start taking Sleeping Pills
5> After my husband falls asleep, I yank all the covers off of him and burrito myself up!
6> Sometimes I just want to open my front door, hop in the car and just drive for days.
7>I sometimes fear the world my children are growing up in.
8> I dream about seeing my jewelry on the glossy pages of a popular magazine.
9>I'm a cheezy romantic
10> I love chick flicks
11> I went through a phase where I watch Runaway Bride everyday for a month straight. (not kidding)
12>She's Like the Wind is my all time favorite song in the world. (totally serious)
13> I eat my 'Chicago Style' hotdogs with only <> ketchup.
14> I would love to have more children, but 3 kids is all my sanity can handle.
15> My grandmother died 11 years ago this month and I still cry when I think of her.
16> I think the world of my father who must be one of the greatest men alive.
17> I would rather have bags and shoes than jewelry any day.
18> I'm 4ft 10
19> Highschool is a time I would like to have a second chance at.
20> we missed garbage day this week and it's driving me nuts.


missknits said...

these were such fun to read! and glad i am not the only shorty around here! i'm barely 4ft 8"! lol

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