Thursday, March 26, 2009


Goodness! These days are just flying by! I swear one day I am just going to collapse! I have been working hard in the studio and finally got some new work done! The shop is slowly getting stocked, so come on in!
After a full day in the studio, I took a break and headed off to my favorite place in the world! Starbucks of course! Well actually I went to Barnes and Noble and bought some new books and magazines and had myself the best drink ever! I'm slowly savoring it and don't want to finish the last drop at the bottom! haha!!
This bag is my newest desire! I am in LOVE with this bag by Sondra Roberts! I'm hoping that husband will see it in here and it will somehow miraculously end up at my front door somtime next week???


missknits said...

ooo i can see why you love it! and i just love that color too!! i hope you get it!

Chigirl said...

I hope you'll tell us all about how the trunk show went. I'm not all that clear on how it works, so I'd love to hear about your experience!

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