Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Street Team! Join Us!!

The Eclectic Artisans Street Team is looking for new members!!! Are you a creative soul? Do you like to talk about Etsy? Do you have a shop on Etsy? Do you like to have fun? Do you like to make friends? Well then JOIN US!We are a fun group of ladies looking for anyone that is interested in promoting!! Even if you are a guy! Come and join up! We have challenges and contests and even a team blog. We promote each others shops and have fun doing it!! Please let them know I referred you if you are interested in joining us!

Stop into the shop and check out the new goodies inside!!

Let's Talk Avatars...

Keep your avatar eye catching and simple! Remember certain things:
Your avatar is seen:
In your shop
In Chatroom
In the Forums

In all of these places, your shop name is RIGHT NEXT TO IT. It's not really necessary for it to be on your avatar. It just makes it more cluttered.
I am a huge fan of product placement. I like to think of the avatar as the window to your shop. When people are the forums, they are essentially window shopping and clicking on avatars that catch their eye.
MAKE SURE it is something that is actually for sale in your shop! SO many times I click on an avatar only to NOT be able to find it inside. Once it is something in your shop, make sure that it is easily accessible IF you have a lot of items in your shop. I like to make it one of the featured items if I haven't renewed it to the front page.

I just recently starting putting text into my avatar, just because I am running a Sale, it's simple, clean and eye catching. In the recent Rate My Avatar thread in the forums, I scored a 4.5 out of 5 on average! If you are wondering about yours, check out any of the threads on Etsy!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Yay! I was featured in a Treasury this morning! I love how bright it is!! A great reminder that Spring is almost here!!

My Corn on the Cob earrings were featured! I hope you like them!! They remind me of everything summertime! I love picnics and family BBQs! A big thanks to MAYBEADS for including me in her colorful and sweet treasury!
Pop on over and take a look at her shop and look at all the cuties she has in stock! Talk about SWEET!
Let's not forget to change up our featured items this week! It really helps in reviving the shop! May is almost here, so you might want to try and work in some great for MOM gifts up there!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mothers Day Shopping!

Have you been thinking about Mother lately??? I have this awesome vintage button bracelet that is absolutely stunning in person! I truly am in love with this piece! This is a combination of Vintage and New buttons with touches of elegance at the end. I added vintage and new charms dangling on the underside. It has a look of Parisian Elegance. With a dash a swarovski crystals at the top it is absolutely perfect for mom!

Does mom have a collection of Vintage Buttons that just sit in a box? I've developed a line called the Heirloom collection. I've had customers send in their personal collection of buttons and let me know what they are looking for and i've created earrings and bracelets for them! It's a fabulous way to carry around a memory and not just have it sitting on a shelf somewhere!

Friday, April 24, 2009

New In Shop!!!

Stop on in to look at the cute, new and sassy stuff in MichellesCharmWorld. BUY BUY BUY!


I'm so sorry I have been neglecting this blog for a week! It's just so not like me! I'm really trying hard to keep on going, I'm just getting overwhelmed alot lately! I will be back to normal soon....I HOPE! So instead, I leave you will a random photo that I took from the highway! haha! What an odd thing to see huh?

Friday, April 17, 2009


Stop into my shop this weekend!! I have some huge savings going on for my YEART SALE!!!! Check out my sale section where I have SLASHED prices and I also have a buy 2 get 1 free! (only items in the sale section). If you like 5 or more items?!! Make me an offer!!! All REASONABLE offers accepted! It's time to clean up shop!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


You are invited...
Members of the EART Team are having an online YEART Sale!
Save on destash, discontinued items and special sales all week long!

Sale starts Friday!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Already!

WOW! Talk about a fattening weekend! Haha! so many houses to visit, so much food to eat and sooo much candy to deal with at the end of it all!! Oh well, it's over! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I have spent too long cleaning up after it all, that today has pretty much been totally neglected!
A quick reminder for everyone to change up their featured items this week! I forgot to remind you all last week, but let's hope it's become a habit now! I have been changing mine up even more often than that, but I am also a bit nutty! haha! Have a great day!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Treasures To Find!

Take a look at everything new in store lately! I've been working hard lately and hopefully it's been showing! Lots of new looks and fun charms in stock!
Colorful pieces just in time for Spring! Easter sweets and charming charms! It's all here and it's all waiting for you to pop into your cart and take off with!!!
Please stop in and shop this weekend and every order using the code: BLOGREADER will get loads of FREE GOODIES packed tight in their order! You never know what you will get, but it will be fun and cute and of course charming!!

Keeping It Simple

Once again readers, I am so sorry to have dropped the ball! I just can't seem to get enough hours in the day! I have been crazy-busy and so tired. There seems to be so much going on I feel like I am going crazy! Please take a moment to keep my family in your thoughts and prayers if you get a chance. I will talk more about it soon, but at the momeny I am just boggled. In turn if you need my family to pray for yours, we would be more than happy to! Now onto business! Today I am just sharing my favorites with you! I always keep them simple and change them out when one sells. I love to have a small group of favorites that I can just click to and purchase something when i'm feeling down. My husband often does the same thing for me too! It's a nice pick me up! So have a look and enjoy!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Discovering New Blogs!

I seem to be on a posting roll today! haha! I just discovered an awesome way to discover some new blogs! I've been on a blitz lately reading some great blogs and discovering people from all over the world! Last blog I read was from Italy! At the top of your blogger bar, there is a little line that says NEXT BLOG, click on it and it takes you to your blog 'neighbor'! I have just been clicking and clicking!


My Business Wish List!

It's time to think about Business today! I've been working around my studio alot this weekend and realized that I really need some new items! I'm going to try and save up for them, but right now I will wish about them haha!! The first items is a microwave cart! haha! Yup, I really want one! I have posted about this before and I can't believe I still have not purchased it! I want it to take over for my now too bulk shipping center. I like that it is on wheels, so I can store it in the closet out of the way with other supplies and just take it out when I need it. I will keep everything shipping related in it so that it's all in one spot with the top empty for working on. I have some good ideas for it, I just have to hop to it!
Next on my list is this awesome spice rack, I want to mount it on the wall in front of my desk so that I can put every day use findings in it. I will always see them and know when I need to order more.
Next is the mother of wonderful things! haha! The mini fridge! I always find myself straggling to get back into the studio when I leave for a drink or a snack, so that way I can keep some fresh fruit, water bottles and some evil midnight snacks in here! haha! Now I have no excuses to leave! Ooo...maybe I should have a bathroom put in next??? hahahah!!
Next, is the cutest pink radio in the world! I love the retro look of it! In the morning I like to listen to the news and sometimes I put the television on in the studio, but then I start getting into programs and such! haha! A radio is the easier way to go.
Finally, I'm going to need about 6 of these large poster sized frames. I plan on spray painting them in fun colors. As it is, I do craft of the day with the kids and the first monday of every month I give them a theme and a large sheet of paper each and they fraw me something for that theme, then I just tack them on the wall as my inspiration for that month! So this way I think they would think their works are real works of art and it will give my studio a more formal, yet still fun look! I don't know if I will change them as often, but I will still have my childrens work on the wall! Yay! so what is on YOUR wish list?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Something I Love!

Does anyone else know people that have everything? I mean seriously! They have the money to buy all they want and have all they need? Well I was browsing Etsy for such a person awhile back and fell in love with the PERFECT gift EVER! These glasses are made from ACTUAL bottles!?! How cool is that? I'm totally in love with the cleverness from YavaGlass's Shop! Stop in an have a look around!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Featured Friday!

YAY! I have been featured! Thanks to the lovely MonarchDancer for the feature!

My birdcage necklace is on the left hand side of the Treasury! Take a peek and don't forget to comment and click 12 times on anything as long as you get 12 clicks in! This treasury is HOT HOT HOT!!
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