Thursday, May 21, 2009

Truly a garbage day??

Do you find that when it's garbage day your mood tends to be a bit cloudier? hahah! Well mine seems that way most of Thursday mornings! I think that I start getting so relaxed that the weekend is almost here, I just don't want to do anything. Today is going to be different though, I can feel it! We remembered to get the garbage out on time (no chasing the trash guys down the street!), breakfast was yummy (herb scrambled eggs and turkey bacon), and the kids have settled down into playing a game of Lucky Ducks and so far the noise hasn't annoyed the heck out of me! It could be that I took my morning cup of orange juice outside on the patio today. I usually pour it as i'm working up breakfast, but today I decided to take in that cool morning breeze. It was wonderful and could be a new start to every day. Just figured I would share that tip in case some of you out there are lagging on some mornings :) I wonder what it would do to me in the winter time?!? hahha!

King Me! Rock Royalty Checkers Crown Rings by MichellesCharmWorld

I did make an attempt to take my own advice and buy a new and brighter backround, but I couldn't find ANYTHING in yellow that wasn't plain! So I am off to check a new shoppe tonite! I did buy a bright purple one as seen in the King Me photo above, but it ended up looking the same shade as my other paper! haha! GO figure!

My Button Bracelet was featured in a treasury yesterday and I love how it looks!! If you get a chance please pop over and comment! It's a great treasury and features some AWESOME people from my Eclectic Artisans Street Team! Remember it's our new members joining period too! Feel free to join us!! We promote ALOT! MY most recent sale I had under the EART TEAM name led to me selling out over 50 items! It was a great thing!! Yay!


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