Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Little About Life...

It's been a great summer so far and last week had my children interviewing for preschool for the second time with this one school. I was nervous for them and we were obviously the over-protective parents because once again we were the only 'set' of parents (both mom and dad) there! hahaha! We waited in the lobby with the baby while teachers took them away into separate rooms! (We wanted to badly to peek in on what was going on!!). This was our first school choice for them because our little boy is 3 and if he could get into the class, it would be perfect for them to start school together. If he didn't get in, our Princess (4yrs) would head over to the Catholic School that only has a 4yr old program with no exceptions. We had to fill out a heap of forms, which my husband then told me a lot of them were the SAME ONES we had to fill out at the first interview!! (Maybe they wanted to make sure we were telling the truth??? haha).

They brought out our 3yr old son first and YAAAAAY! He got it! He will start school in the fall with his big sister in the 4yr old program! We were thrilled! Then they brought out our Princess and WOOT WOOT! She got in too!!! Yaaaaaay! We were all thrilled.
Now that preschool was right around the corner, we wanted to start some way of having them accountable for what they do. My husband and I decided that the easiest way would be to start a chore chart. This way they would do the chores every single day and we would then give them a little money at the end of the day if all was complete. (.25 each day) They are just simple everyday tasks that they do anyways, but this way they make sure to do them on their own. We have been at it for a week and the kids love it. We printed them out and laminated them. (I keep the document on my computer so we can add things as the time goes by). I keep them on clipboards on each of their desks and I give them the wipe-board marker to check off things as they are finished. (Kids love markers, I find that my kids run to do something on the list just to get to use the marker!!). We made a tiny one for Nana and Grandpas house too, because they both give them money each time they visit, so this way they are doing something to earn the money.
I've also decided to go by way of the Bento Box Lunch! I love the cuteness and creativeness of it all, that I am researching the boxes and all that good stuff. I want the kids to have Bentos for preschool and I would love to start sending husband off with a Bento every day too! I will obviously need different sizes forthe kids and husband and I, so I am doing my research before diving right in! I want to be sure to have it all by the time school starts in the fall though! yay!


Authoritaters said...

I remember when I ate out of those boxes! I think over in Japan school girls have a tendency to swap food during lunch XD Nice that life is being good to you and hope it continues to do so!

Sara said...

I want to know more about those Bento boxes! That lunch looks yummy.

What kind of research are you doing into them? Where to buy them?

Michelle said...

Thanks guys!! I looove the whole idea of Bento!

I'm researching the boxes, sizes for kids and adults and the supplies (which is my favorite part!!)

You can check out Ebay under Bento or even look here:

She has a great selection, but her shipping is a bit high when purchasing mulitple items. Check if you have any Japanese stores local as well! I'm going to do a posting on Bento once I get some supplies underway!

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