Friday, June 19, 2009

Treasury Feature Friday!

Yay it's Friday! How wonderful the feeling is!! In Shop News today, I have been featured in 2 Treasuries and I love them both!! I hope you get a chance to click on the treasuries and click away at 12 items! Thanks so much for browsing!!

Those are my Yellow Rose Earrings in the top treasury and my Teapot Collector Brooches in the bottom treasury.
Mmmm....Dessert time! It's time to change up your featured items! Go with a food theme (mine is summer desserts) or go with a color theme or the like! Get creative!
Have you been in my shop lately? You will notice that I have craziness going on with photo backrounds and such. I am testing out a plethora of new backrounds, seeing what I like, what I don't like and if I just want to go back to plain white! haha! It's been nuts, so if you have an opinion on any of them let me know!! Have a great and peaceful weekend!


missknits said...

congrats on the treasuries! arent they such fun!! and i love the different backgrounds! hope you have a great weekend!

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