Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thoughts for Tuesday!

So much going on in my head, I can't believe it's only Tuesday! This summer has been filled with a lot of crazy events since I have had family in town from Mexico! It's all been super fun, but at the same time very tiring! So this is just a jumble of random thoughts!

Why on earth do stores have LOADS AND LOADS of aisles and only ONE is ever open?! How much do they spend to install all these aisles? Even at Christmas Time OR even the day after Thanksgiving they at most have 3 registers open and the rest seem to have dust on them! It's just ridiculous! Michaels is FAMOUS for this! Last night I think I was in line for like 1o minutes BEFORE the guy called someone to help him out.

We went to the Wisconsin State Fair to see Demi Lovato and the weather was crazy! It was HOT HOT HOT one minute then we were being told to seek shelter the next!! It would drizzle and then Hail! It was crazy, but fun!!
We love spending time by the river, here we are feeding the ducks! We have to grip that baby like crazy, because he likes to get too close!!

We all went bowling and it was so much fun, but with so many people, it really took all night! haha! We had like 4 lanes and there were so many kids, but it is definately a memory made! haha!
Have your eye on something in the shop?? NOW is the time to BUY BUY BUY! I am having a raffle for a $30.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE to my shop!!!!! What do you have to do for a ticket??? Just Buy! For Every Item you get from my shop, I will include 1 ticket to the raffle in your package! (buy 2 items get 2 tix, 3 items 3 tix) Raffle ends on September 18th! 1 Month to win! Extra Bonussssss....If you buy 6 items you get 10 TICKETS!! Starts TODAY!!


missknits said...

wow sounds like you and the family have been crazy busy! but lots of fun! and the raffle is a great idea! hope you get tons of sales!

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