Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Goals!

Autumn begins officially on September 22, it has me thinking a lot of what I need to get rolling on in shop and for the shop. It's time to start setting some goals and working hard to achieve them. I would like to work on my production. I mentioned it before, when I spoke about what was holding me back. I'm thinking I need to have a minimum number of pieces to list new each and every day. The lack of new items really creates a lack of sales. At least in my shop it does, I have had a tanking week this week including the week. I can't believe how much it's slowed down. I also need to work on Blogging more. I seem to just be throwing together blog posts at the last minute lately. I'm hoping once I can get in the swing of things with the kids and school and their after school classes, it will be easier! Another big thing I need to keep an eye on is my shipping receipts. Lately I've just been throwing them in a bin and at the end of the month stapling them all together and then putting them in an envelope. That's not exactly easy to sort through when someone is asking about their delivery confirmation number from the beginning of the month and there are over 50 receipts and 50 Delivery Confirmation slips in there! I'm going back to stapling them togeth daily and THEN moving them to an envelope which I will keep in chronological order by day. If you would like to see what other goals my fellow Eclectic Artisans Members have set for themselves, please take a look, starting with AweShop.


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