Friday, September 11, 2009


With school in full swing, I realize what exactly my mother meant when she said 'tuition may be expensive, but it's all the extras that kill me!' Everytime Book Fair, Cheerleading, Field Trips, Summer Abroad Trips and the like came up, I would hear this line! Of course be it 8 or 18 I just rolled my eyes and held my hand out. Now it's come full circle! haha! I am at day 3 of Pre-K and I am surrounded by order forms and slips for just about everything! Registration time is starting up for Fall activities and it's nuts! But how can I say no to a little girl that draws pictures of me everyday? How can I say no to the little boy that runs and hugs me when he gets out of class? Yup, I have 2 times the expenses at one time! I have 2 kids in school for the very first time this year.

Gymnastics has just started up as well and they are having a blast, but can someone tell me that these prices are not INSANE?! A class of 5 kids jumping around on mats was just ridiculous! haha! Okay, they do more than that and are making friends and socializing, but I still think I had a small shock when the total was mentioned! She was kind enough to tell me that even included a 10% discount for paying it all up front! hahaha! *shaking head* It's what they wanted though right? Football sign ups were this week and both kids want to do that too!

While in school we got the Scholastic Book forms and how can you say NO to books?! Reading is awesome! While I think the 14 they wanted was just crazy, we settled on 7! hahah! That's not too bad and like I said it's learning!! Then there was the School cookbook forms, you have to get that, it supports the school! Then School Magazine and that was too cute to pass up on too.....Hmm...maybe this mom needs to learn to say No early before I start saying:
Hmm...well they NEED a car and she NEEDS that Designer Handbag and he NEEDS those really crazily priced gym shoes....maybe just maybe I will learn soon! Oh wait....then there is Dad who always says yes if mom says no....and then there is Grandpa and the list goes on and on! What lucky kids!


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