Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm Late...I'm Late...For a Very Important Date!

Morning readers! Today the Eclectic Artisans Team blog ring is exploring time management. The question posed this week, was How do you find time to Create, be on an Active Street Team & have a life offline? It took some thinking, but what I realized is that I work best with a schedule. I'm talking large posterboard Super Nanny Style schedule. I use it for life in general, not just shop related tasks. I print out small copies daily so I can check stuff off. Checking off a task makes a feeling of accomplishment. I only work early morning and late night into early morning. Other than that, my laptop is open when I am in the house and whenever I pass it I check in on my Team (I am team lead), my Facebook pages, Twitter, etc. If I do this each time I pass the computer it's only 5 minutes of my time. I manage to answer convos, relist, renew, tweet etc. Whenever I get a chance. When we head out to run errands, my laptop is in the car in case we hit a hot spot. At th elibrary story time? I pop online while the kids are doing activities and listening. I'm only a step away from them and still able to work. If we hit up fast food for dinner, while they are in the play place after we all have eaten, I'm checking information.
Right now, we're headed out to school in a bit, so while everyone is locating their backpacks, shoes, hats and such I am checking in and posting things. It helps to do blog posts and write descriptions for Etsy listing at night. I save all my posts here on blogspot and just click publish when the time comes. For etsy, I do the full out listing and just save the URL and don't click FINISH. Then I put all the URLS with the title of the item in a WORD document and this way I just copy, paste and FINISH when I want to list something new. I easily am up until 330 am every day, but this is the only time I have to fully dedicate myself to where I need to be online and still manage to have all the time I need for my family. (3 kids ages 4,3,2). Read about how IndigoOrchid manages her day to day tasks!


AWE Shop said...

ok Michelle, I'm confused on how you save your Etsy listing until later? URLs and Word docs and don't click finish? How! I'd really love to know that trick :D

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