Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Packaging

Yay!!! I love packaging my items! I found some AWESOME sturdy containers that seem to fit my shop sooo much better than cardboard boxes and cotton. It's just so blahhhh!!! I use nice re-usable plastic containers (yay environment) and I put my label on the lid. My business cards are bright and funky too! It's a great way for customers to pick out my shop out of the lot! I love unique pacakging! Inside I use colored tissue paper to cradel their items. If you like looking at packaging, check out the Ecelctic Artisans Blog Ring!!
Start here at the Eclectic Artisans Blog:


missknits said...

ohhhh what an incredibly cute idea!!! i love it! i love packaging up my stuff too! its so much fun! i always use really bright and pretty tissue paper and some kind of funky fuzzy yarn i have left over to tie around it and a pretty bow, and always include a nice little thank you tag with a note! i think presentation can mean a lot! i know i take notice when i recieve an etsy packaged all prettied up!

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