Thursday, November 5, 2009

Create for the Holidays!

This Thursdays Eart Team blog ring is all about the Holidays! We were asked how far in advance we create our items for the Holiday Season. If I were taking this question from this years standpoint, I would have to say 2 years! hahaha! The first year I went into online business I started rolling out the Holiday stuff (Christmas, Valentines Day, St. Pats etc.) around the same time I would see the items hit the store shelves. I wanted it to be enough time for even my International customers to receive in time. I noticed that first year, that I sold barely anything Holiday related and just loads of other stuff that people were buying for others FOR that holiday. It seems that in my shop, the Christmas Stuff, Halloween Stuff etc. just sits on my shelves and gets dusty. I have since stopped catering to the Holidays themselves and just added my regular inventory. Every now and then I list items that I have leftover from 2 years back. Once again this Halloween Season, I only sold 2 Halloween related items & have sold 1 Christmas themed item. I will probably stick to this method for future Holidays and hope you have a different outcome in your shop!

Head on over to Indigo Orchid Designs to see what she is up to for the Holidays:


DivaDea said...

The candy canes are darling!

Jenea said...

I am boy, but I like it!! ha ha ha :)))))

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