Saturday, December 12, 2009

Before I was Just a Mom....

I was listening to a song early in the morning (around 3am) and it really got me thinking. I'm sure many people that know me, don't truly 'know' me. Aside from my husband and parents, do people really understand that there is more to me than 'Just a Mom'? This song always bring tears to my eyes and always sets me thinking about my 'Moments'. The song is Moments by Emerson Drive. I have it on my playlist all the way down at the bottom of my blog there.

The song always puts me back in time remembering that I was not always who I am right now. I am not just the boring 'mom' when I get together with old friends. I sit and read on Facebook and Twitter and all those other types of sites about old friends I used to know and former roommates and the like and my life always seems to just be dull when I post my updates. I know they just gloss me over because there are no drunken tales to tell, no exciting vacations to locales unknown anymore! It's just Disney World, The Dells, Monuments and places the kids can learn from.
Artwork by my Daughter, Autumn, Age 8

 I know when I meet my husbands co workers, they just see right through me, since I am 'just a mom' with no career. When I meet new people, they see the lady with 3 kids and nothing else. I want them to see I truly love my life, that what is boring to them, is wonderful, warming, excellent and a dream to me. Not only that though, I want them to see that I too had my moments.

Did they know, that I have Traveled the World? Studied Abroad? Went to College? Did they know, that articles I wrote had been Published? My jewelry has been published in Magazines, Style Blogs and is sold in actual stores worldwide? Did they know that I speak 2 Languages fluently and can stumble through Japanese and French as well? Did they ever take the time to learn that the very minute I walked into a room at a party 9 years ago, I fell in love at First Sight, a feeling I had never felt before, to a man that has made me feel more whole than anything I had ever done before? Did they know, that the night I came home from meeting my husband for the very first time, my father met me at the door and I said to him: 'Today, I just met the guy I am going to marry?' Did they know, that I cam capable of carrying on a conversation on Politics, Religion, the Economy and anything else that they want to talk about. Before I even get the chance to begin speaking, they hear 3 kids and stay at home mom and their ears may as well have been turned off.

Didn't they know that just because I am choosing to raise my 3 kids at home and be there for them, that I can be smart too? That I can be someone too? That I am Someone? Yes, I've had my Moments, but you know what? These are my Days in The Sun. When my baby looks at me with his big brown eyes and says 'LOVE YOU'. When my oldest gets out of school and runs to me and gives me the biggest hug and says 'I missed you'. When my little boy wakes up every morning and comes right up to me and says 'Good Morning Mommy, I slept good.' When our family sits together at dinner every night and we say what we are thankful for and what made us happy that day. Those are boring and not-so-glossy to many, but to me? Those are my Moments. Those are my times to shine. When I see how well they are growing up, how happy and healthy they are, I know I'm doing something right. If they can't see, at least I know it...

(Emerson Drive)

As a blogger I have worn many hats and this blog has evolved so much from that. It started as a promotional blog for my jewelry shop, gave way to a crafty blog and then made room for a parenting blog as all of my children were born and I was asked for advice. It slowly became a parent of school age blog and has now rested as a homeschooling blog. I hope to resurrect my jewelry shop soon enough and then that too will join a bit here. I'm exhausted listing it all but at the same time, I am thrilled living it!

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sassypackrat said...

There is always more than meets the eye. People need to realize that and spend a little effort to dig and get to know others. I personally think you're amazing!

smidge girl said...

People can be so clueless. I personally go through the same kind of thing-- except I don't even have kids, which makes me even more of a "nobody." During a regular day, I have no problem with it. I live a life outside the norm because I want to, and that's what I'm good at. I mean, you just get the one life, after all. But, when I'm thrust into those situations with "regular people" who want a one word answer to "what do you do?" everything gets panicky and awkward. Especially since that's the only question people really care to ask.

But seriously, what do you mean you have no career, lol! You're a jewelry designer. You have your own shop. You make money. Sounds like a career to me!

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