Saturday, December 19, 2009

Colder Winter

I sit here on a frigid Midwest Saturday, trying to finish up errands and editing photos and cleaning house. I'm in my snuggly warm leg warmers, chunky purple sweater, black leggings and thinking up my blog post. I am in the middle of a social networking series, that I was not able to finish up this week, due to a busy schedule. On Monday, I go in to have my tonsils removed and can only hope that I will at least be able to blog, since I will not be able to talk! haha!! I hope to be able to blog about shop keeping, social networking and also my tonsilectomy. Lots I have in mind, but I wanted to challenge my readers to begin to blog about their goals for 2010! I have several that I have been working on and I will share those as the time comes. I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, in case I am in too much of a drug induced haze to come back!!

Friday at my childrens' school was Pajama Day & the kids had a blast being snuggly all day!!! I went through alot to track down new pajamas for everyone for the occassion! I loved seeing all the little pre-k kids snuggly and sweet!!!
The little guy had to be in his jammies too, especially since EVERYONE was doing it!! I just happened to forget one thing.......he was not staying in school all day!!!! So I of course had to take him out and about on errands in his jammies! hahaha!!! I could have taken him home to change him, but it would have been more of a pain, since he had to keep the jammies on for the school party later in the day.

My husband had some errands to run last night for work in his truck, so we joined him and needless to say it was CRAZY cold and snowy and icy!! I was a bit scared, but at least it was nice and plowed by the time we headed back out. Wish me luck everyone! I'm a bit nervous for just how painful this surgery can be!! I will try and bring my laptop with me, just hope they don't take it away! hahaha!!!! I have to be there 2.5 hours early for the surgery on Monday, so I'm going to need something to kill time!!!


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