Thursday, December 10, 2009

Favorites in Crafting

Morning All! I hope you enjoyed yesterdays posts on Making the most of your Treasury Feature and Spending money to Make money, an insight on listing often. Life has been getting hectic, but I am trying hard to stay on top of things with a new schedule and will try and do more SHOP posts! I will also mix some life posts in there as well! I'm sure by now you have noticed, but I have gone with the 3 column blog look and will be putting YOUR SHOP ads on the left side bar! It's a 5.00 one time fee through PAYPAL and the Ad will stay up forever! If you just want to test out 1 month, it's 2.00, just use the subject title ADS in the PAYPAL payment to A Quick UPDATE about yesterdays Treasury Post, one of the items in the Treasury SOLD (Gingerbread Brooch) WITH the code, so it really does work.
Seeing as how it's Thursday, it's time to get back to Blog Ring Thursday from the Eclectic Artisans Team. We are an Active Street Team that strive to not only promote ourselves, but each other as well! This week are blogging about Our favorite Colors to Work With & stepping out of our comfort zone of colors for crafting. I posted my photo above from my shop.
It's quite obvious in all I do that my favorite colos is forever PINK . I obviously don't hide that fact and you can definately see it in ALOT of my work. It's difficult to NOT put something pink in everything I do, so sometimes I have to actually hide my big drawers of pink beads, charms, bits and baubles to churn something out without any shade of pink at all. I tremble, I shiver, I shake and I am tempted to add at least a little pink bead at the end, but I force myself to 'man up' and leave it be! haha!! Once I started doing other colors and other things besides necklaces, my shop started to open and up and have a real vibe to it. It was open to people of different types now! Lolitas, Emo kids, Serious Adults, Kids at heart and the like. Except in one place, for the longest time I knew I would stay away from any shades of gold at all! I HATE browns, oranges and GOLD! YIKES! NO! I'm the Platinum wedding ring, Silver jewelry only type of gal, but I decided it was time. I was excluding customers that only wore those shades and now it was time to be brave and put myself out there...What happened?? More Customers! More Sales! And now I'm guilty of sitting here typing this while wearing a pair of tiny gold hoop studs in my ear that I asked my husband to bu me when we saw them in the jewelry store! So go ahead and take that leap! Try something new! You never know, it could lead you to be the Next Best Thing!
Join the rest of our Team Members in the Blog Ring by proceeding on to IndigoOrchids blog (
Here are the rest of the members participating! As we are all in different time zones, please allow them time to get theirs up and running as well!

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