Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Social Networking

Awhile back, I visited Social Networking Places and let people know how to make them work for you. I will be redoing this series and welcome any new places that you want me to check out. Please post these places in the comments. I will be discussing how these places have worked for me in the past year.

There are always places you MUST be online popping up ALL THE TIME! When I first started here, it was FLICKR that was the be all end all to online advertising. What many people didn't tell you when toting this site, was to stay AWAY from:
*Posting your shop link ANYWHERE on the photo, tags, description.
*Having your Flickr Page be ALL about the items you sell.
and that you had to:
*Join groups
*Comment on other photos
*Send your photos to appropriate group pools
*Have your shop link in your profile
*Have a vibrant proile that isn't too plain

In order to make it work well for you. If you can play by their rules and dedicate about 10 minutes each day on commenting on other photos, making at least 6 new contacts each day and uploading at least 1 photo each day, Flickr could work very well for you.

When I upload a photo, I upload 2. I make sure 1 is something personal going on that day and the other is a work item shot. This way I'm keeping it balanced.
My Outcome with Flickr:
I have been on this site for over 2 years now and I truly love the amazing work I see in photos and have joined some great groups. Is this the answer to hundreds of sales? No. It's a great place to socialize and share what you do with other people doing the same. It has probably net 10-12 sales for me throughout those 2 years. This is NOT BAD at all! This is also why I suggest you spend no more than 10 minutes a day on it, if that's the only reason you are there. I began with that mentality and then found I enjoyed popping in on several photopools. I loved seeing peoples kitchens, what they ate, what people wore...it became addicting! haha! Before I knew it I was commenting a lot and not uploading for months at a time. It really depends on what you want out of it. I take it with a grain of salt when it comes to getting Sales from the site, and maybe that's how you should approach it. Any questions? Ask Away!


smidge girl said...

Hi, Michelle. Looking forward to hearing about your social networking adventures:) There are just sooo many things out there to try! I know you're on facebook, I'm wondering if you have any experience with facebook ads.

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