Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Treasury Features! Make it Work for You!

Today I was lucky enough to be featured in a Treasury! My Gingerbread House Brooch from MichellesCharmWorld and my Peppermint Candy Necklace from the EclecticArtisansTeam shop. A way I like to make it work for me is to enhance the exposure a treasury I am featured in gets. I like to Tweet about it on Twitter, post something about the treasury on my blog, comment in the treasury itself with a link to my blog (gets more traffic here too!). I like to post a photo of the treasury to the Eclectic Artisans Team Flickr Page. I also like to go to my Facebook Fan Page and post about the treasury and offer some kind of discount, free gift or code for something! I also try and post a thread in the Etsy forums in order to get clicks and comments. I make it an exchange of sorts. You click and comment on my treasury and I will do the same for you! Finally I put a link and a little blurb about clicking and commenting in my NOTE TO BUYERS transaction notice & Annoucement section. This way it gets the attention of anyone that buys something or pops into my shop! It really seems like alot to do, but if you have the links to everything bookmarked, you can get it all done within 30 minutes! I try to do it all at once, but on busy days I have to do it one at a time. It really does help to bring in traffic to the Treasury (Raising your chances of the TReasury making the Front Page) and into your shop!

Stop into my Shop today and purchase either the Peppermint Candy Stick Necklace OR the Gingerbread House Brooch and get a free Peppermint Swirl Ring with your purchase! Just use the code: Treasury Free and I will include a ring in your order!!

UPDATE: The Gingerbread House Brooch Sold last night!


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