Thursday, January 28, 2010

Freshen Your Shop!

This Thursdays Blog ring asks us how we can freshen up our shop, to make it look new again? I have several tips that I would like to share with you! I've mentioned them before in my blog and use these tips myself. Remember, there is no secret to getting sales, it's all about Customer Service and good old fashioned Hard Work! Step one, Be sure to change up your featured items regularly! I like to do it once a week. It's a way to bring the items from the back of your shop up to the front. Showcase in a theme or just anything you want! These will be the first items your customers see, so make sure it's a good representation of your shop!

Second Tip: Test out different backrounds in your photographing and see which one really POPS! I like to get a new backround every other week or so, then as I list new items and renew old ones, I get a mixture of backrounds that still all blend together on my front page.

Third Tip: As items on your last page are about to expire, change them up. If I have a necklace about to expire that is just not selling and not hearted, I photograph it differently, try a different backround and maybe even change up the title. You will not believe how much this has helped! I usually try to 'freshen' up 3 items a week from the back of my shop.

Hope these have helped out!!! Time for you to get more tips from DivaDeas Blog!!


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