Monday, January 4, 2010

Twitter and Your Business...

Morning Readers!!! It's time to talk business! Have you thought about your goals for the new year? Your business resolutions? Keep them realistic! The further out they are, the harder they are to acheive. How about something small at first and if you make that one, add on another one. Nowhere does it say you only get 1 resolution per year. For me? I want a better balance. I spent 2 years working hard building my business on 2 or 3 hours of sleep a day and I think I want to try and sleep a bit more and hope that those 2 years were enough to keep the flow going. I will start scaling back 20 minutes each night or week at a time. This way I'm not doing anything jarring.
Today we're talking TWITTER with the social networking world around us. Twitter is kind of like a bunch of Facebook Statuses all at once on your page and no other junk! haha! This is where you have to be careful though. DO NOT just use it for business. It's an easy way to get yourself removed from many pages. Don't go and friend 100 people all in one day. It's not about quantity it's about quality. Can you read all those statuses as they come in?? Make sure you try and read what other people post, don't make it all about yourself. DO NOT use it like an instant messenger. When I come on and I see 1 full page of 1 person just chatting away, I have to delete them. It's just too much. I try and post 3-5 times a DAY and only 1 of those is about my shop.

How to use Twitter for your business? Don't just toss a link and be done with it. Tie it in cleverly. If I am having a bad day due to someone driving me crazy, I may say something like:

It must be drive me crazy day! Makes me wish Voodoo Dolls did Exist! LOL

You have 140 characters to be witty and eye catching. I usually try and post 1 shop item a day and that's it and maybe 1 discount for Twitter REaders only once a week or so and the rest of my tweets are about life in general. Keep it light, witty and fun and you should have no problem on Twitter.

How has it worked for me?
On slow view days, it gets traffic in the door, BUT if you are using google analytics, it will cause your bounce rate to sky rocket! This is because many people will just click the link to check it out then leave your shop and not stick around. I can honestly say in over a year of using Twitter, I have maybe at best had only 1 sale. It's excellent for traffic and hearts, but nothing real fantastic for sales. I do love it, to read about other people and just nosey in on lives, but it's nothing that I commit myself to for sales. I just post my 5 posts throughout the day and go with that.

A Quick Reminder:
Don't forget to change out your featured items! I try and do it weekly and I pull from the back of the shop. It gets people to click on them and they will be further back in your shop than they normally would. This has helped GREATLY. In the past 3 weeks, I have sold 1 of the items from my featured items each time.


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