Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Eart Team

This Thursday we are talking about the Eart Streat Team and what brought us to the team. The Eclectic Artisans Etsy Street Team is just what it says, a group of Eclectic Tastes in Artistry all brought together with 2 common goals; Friendship and Promotion. It's an amazing group of ladies that I am proud to be a member and leader of. What brought me to this team? I was a seller on an old site awhile ago, that seemed to just crumble beneath us and many of us had become friends there and still wanted to be in touch. Jenn, our former leader decided to start a Street Team of people from that site, but we wanted to also open it up to new people too! I joined straight away and became the co-leader. As Jenn got busier and busier with her shop, family and wholesale orders, she passed the reigns to me and here I am now! Trying to find a balance between shop online, shops in the real world and a family of 3 children under the age of 5 is sometimes hectic. Especially in times like this month where right after the stomach flu hit all 5 of us, we moved straight into Ear Infections, not even missing a day in between!! The good thing about this team? They all banded together and the team is still running smoothly!! Everyone works together and stuff always gets donw! I'm proud of each and every member! They try so hard and it shows. If you are ever looking for a team to join, I highly encourage you to look in EART, we are a fun, friendly group of ladies!

Interested in knowing what brought other members to EART? Read about them in our blog ring and start with the EART TEAM BLOG!


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