Thursday, February 18, 2010

Off the Net?

YIKES!!! A full week has gone by without an update? Now I know just how crazy my life has been this week. I really need to get my act together and get moving on this shop! This Thursday we are talking about selling offline. YESSSS!! I do it and I do more of it, than I sell online. The craft show circuit is alright for me, but it's my Wholesale accounts and word of mouth selling that works best for me. I seem to have ALOT of plates spinning right now, but I totally advise you to take the leap off the net if you have not done so yet.
A few tips:
Paper the town with your business cards and or flyers. Grocery Stores, bulletin boards, business card walls etc. You never know whos eye it may catch!
Wear or carry samples of your pieces! Too big? Carry a small portfolio of photos or a brochure with contact info!
Do several small craft shows so that you can wet your feet first.
If you find shops or boutiques in which you think your product would really it in, then set up a time to meet with the owner/buyer after you have researched the company. Be prepared with hard copies of your product and price lists, contact information etc.
Take the leap! You won't regret it!


missknits said...

thanks for all the great tips! i know i need to branch out more! might try my first craft show this spring... trying to stockpile now!

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