Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vote For Me & Featured!

This week I was lucky enough to be featured in 4 treasuries! Thank you so much to all that featured MichellesCharmWorld items!! I am so lucky to have so many fans! Thank you!!!

The Eclectic Artisans Team Blog is having a Vote-Off! Head on over to the blog and PLEASE Vote for me!! My bracelet can be viewed right here. This is my entry for the Hearts and Love contest! You can view all the entries right HERE. Then you can scroll back up to the top of the page and on the right you will see the voting window. I am number 1! Vote!!!
On a side note, todays workout was BRUTAL. Seriously brutal. I was still aching in places I didn't know I could ache in and it took ALOT of force to get myself out there. I can only hope that as my muscles get used to this, it will get easier! hahaa!! I am trying to run everything that they do in fitness bootcamp along with some other things that I read about in last months HEALTH magazine, but let me tell you, I want my old treadmill and cycling routines back :)
LOST last night was fabulous, it reminded me why I HATE that show! hahha! You know what I mean? You hate a show so much, you love it!! I get so frustrated and I just want to see the entire season all at once, that I just can't handle not knowing!!! Favorite line of the night?
Jacob says something about how he just died an hour ago and Hurley says:
"Oh man that sucks"
HAHAHAH!!! This guy steals EVERY scene that he is in and also has the BEST delivery of his lines! LOVE him!
I'm beginning to think my dad has the right idea!! He stays away from the television on LOST nights and then at the end of the season when the DVDs come out he watches each episode after the other to not have to deal with the frustration :)


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